Quadrajet rebuilder??

Does anyone know someone that still rebuilds quadrajet carbs? Thanks

The best racing carb reabuilder was in Sarasota.
I know he has been sick this year.
if u can find him.


Try Art at Action Performance on Nova Road in Daytona.

My old teammate, Joe Ware could make one sing you a song. Lost touch with him though. Bumped into him at the parts store a few years ago,ain’t Seen him since. Good luck with the q jet.

I know a few little tricks to make the Boo Wahs go away. IMHO just buy a new one to start, not sure what you’re doing with it, but I’ve raced em and had em on airboats and I think they are actually decent unlike a lot of people and if you want to save yourself a lot of bs just buy a new one. I can’t imagine finding a used one today that somebody else hasn’t had their dirty paws inside.

Kenny Welch in Mt. Dora407-758-5092 or 352-735-6892

I used to kick ass up here with one when all the other guys were running 600 Holleys. The guy that built them was an old fellow in Deland that died several years ago. I’ve got a big one that I found but could probably use freshened. What happened to Jack Bimmer?


Jack Bimmer is still in New Smyrna / Edgewater
Art is in DeLand - 386–736-7675