Speed51 blows

Been looking at trackside now coverage for years- now they are cutting you off if you don’t buy their pay-per-view race coverage.
Kindof like NASCAR moving their races to cable half way through the season- aint made me buy cable yet and I just quit watching at all.

Also they are now doing some sort of “basic membership” BS to lure customers in; i.e. “give us your e-mail address and some other personal info so we can spam your mailbox and sell our e-mail list.”


Trackside now was/is great. Maybe the people doing the updates started asking for more money?

It seems like for the events where they have the PPV they will not do trackside now during those events. I hope they strike the right balance - trackside now conveys a ton of impromtu info and pics that a video stream wont be able to.

:mad: yeah I was just pissed off- had been looking forward to following the Slinger Nationals- guess I’ll wait and read about it when my Late Model Digest gets here…
Looks like this is how it’s going to be on 51 from now on with all the big races and I would suspect some nights of the World Series will be pay-per-view also.

$20 is pretty cheap for all the race you got to watch last night. Its cheaper than a pit pass thats for sure. Everyone would love to see short track racing televised on tv well here is our chance to support this and make it sucessful. Personally it was a full evening of entertainment for next to nothing.

Curious, was it in HD?

Not sure if Home Depot has it or not…!

LMAO Jerry

Or, as my buddy Pat calls it, Home Dopey.

Speaking of speed51, I just read the Alabama 400 is gonna be a pro late
Model race. Boo!

The All American 400

Really??? a pro late race? now that blows! I thought the AA400 was supposed to be a combined event with the CRA and the Southern Super Series- their last race of the year.
I just went to the SSS website and it is off their schedule, but no mention of anything in the “newsroom” tab.
In fact the SSS website doesn’t look like it has been updated in a couple of weeks- I know their car counts are down this year, I wonder how much longer this series will be around…

I guess I need to go to Speed51 to keep up after all- LoL!

So they send out people to cover the races. Then they keep up the web site
pros all the in coming info so you can see it and the should do it for free.
I did work that way for years but not now
My bill for this website when I was promoting was over $500 a month.
Now ill bet all the tracks in Fl together don’t pay that now.

If you want good racing info some one will have to pay for it.
TV killed the ticket sales. Now you will still have to buy one but you will get to know what happened at many tracks
If all the sites were gone then ticket sales would go up .

your turn
left turn


SSS website was just updated after the race race at Gresham this past weekend. So less than 5 days ago. All results, points and schedule are up to date. I havent missed a series race all year and i dont think they have any major issues. The “problem” with the 400 is Nashville and the guy running the track

Sounds like a real sh*tshow up in Nashville. Read this article:


My take on that article:

“Well yall know daddy talks more shit than half the people on Karnac, so I dont see why anybody beleived what he said. I know he is the promoter and should be able to speak without his daughters approval, but cmon, we know I am in charge. I am still pissed about the whole Rattler thing and I want SSS to come kiss up to us. I cant beleive they gave us the middle finger without talking to me first.”

Sometimes in business when you piss people off - they decide not to talk first before taking action. Hate to see that race in particular suffer but those folks need to get it together.

I have no knowledge about the Nashville owners whatsoever, but I do have the utmost respect for Tim Bryant, Dan Spence, and Ricky Brooks.

Also I have no idea what “problems” she is referring to with the SSS. I was at The Rattler and the last 5 Flags show, all ran off very clean, and competitive imo. I haven’t heard one negative thing except her insinuations.

The Governor’s Cup would be a great replacement for the All American 400 on the Southern Super Series schedule. A few SSS regulars make the trip down every year already anyway. Ricky Brooks is the techman for both too. Seems like a natural fit. How 'bout it Ricky? :slight_smile:

That’s just crazy talk. But, I would be awesome…