I have a Street Stock for East Bay Raceway. Unfortunately, I NEED this car gone…yesterday. I am willing to accept just about any offer. I had it on craigslist from $3000 down to $1500. Like I said, I need the car gone. PLEASE make any offer. It is a Chevrolet frame, with a 350, with accel ignition, we put a new master cylinder, and proportioning valve, it has a Ford 9" rear. It only needs a carb. All the tires and wheels are good. It has a brand new NAPA battery. The car was never put on the track while I owned it. E-mail me at kscharba@gmail.com or call/text 813-495-6409, pictures available upon request. Please, don’t call or text after 9:00 pm…if you do, I will respond first thing the following morning.


The motor run? ever started it?

we were talking to you ask how much you wanted never got a reply

The motor does run. Before I broke the housing on the carb it would sit and idle without missing a beat.

Chris, I am willing to entertain offers. I just need to get the car gone. Right now, I’m kind of hovering around $1,300. The car is 99% ready to race. It needs a carb and a seat belt harness, and a tach…but I still have a new one, for an extra $60.

can you send pics? 863 651 1441 chris


Hello, pics to 347-729-2303 please

this is a steal come mid september time if its not sold ill buy it i wont have money till then someone might want to jump on this

So far, nothing but photo requests. I really need to get rid of the car.

Still have the car available. Please, need it gone!!!

It’s about to go to scrap.

Shoot a set of pics to Luke@AudioExpertOnline.com if you could. If I bring a carb and slap on it ya think it’ll fire?

Luke, you sure can. We had it running just a little while ago. But, like I said, I broke my carb. I’ll send some picture right away.

The car is SOLD. I don’t know how to delete the thread, but the car is no longer in my possession.