4 cylinder Bomber, Mini Stock, Hornet, Gladiator

I have for sale a 2000 Ford Focus 4 cylinder bomber. The car is a 5 speed and has the correct gearing for Eastbay. Raceway. With different size tires it would be perfect for showtime speedway. When the car was build it got a new Ford Racing stock Replacement 2.0L ZETEC FOCUS ENGINE. http://www.fordracingparts.com/parts/part_details.asp?PartKeyField=4989.
The car is built with custom 1.75" diameter .095" wall tubing main cage and 1.5"diameter .083" wall tubing seat mount and rear down bars. The car has a 3 gallon racing fuel cell for added safety and convince of not worrying about proper fuel pickup in the corners. The come comes with extra spare tires, wheels, font and rear suspension pieces, radiator, bumpers, extra 2008 front sheet medal, load strut, computer cpu,springs and what every else I can Find,. Included in the price is a extra stock street focus with blown motor.
The car comes race ready minus battery and seat.


how much

how much for all thanks

$1500 for everything.