No Caddy For Me!!

So, a guy goes into a Lexus dealership to buy a new car, but finds he cannot qualify for the financing, so they send him to the used car portion of the dealership.

“How about a nice Jaguar?” the Saleman asked
“No, those are expensive to repair and have electrical problems” came the reply.

“Well then, how about this Mercedes?”
“No, I fought over there during The War and just cannot own a German car”

“Okay, how about this fine Cadillac?” said the Salesman
“Man, that is the worst choice yet, everybody knows the roofs leak on those things!” the guy practically screamed

“They have one of the most advanced quality control systems in the world. Why would you say that?” implored the Salesman

“Well, if they don’t leak, then how come all the guys I see driving them around town are wearing shower caps?”

(ba boomph)

Now that’s funny right there…