New Smyrna Speedway Results 8/16

New Smyrna Speedway
Official Results
August 16, 2014

Pro Late Models

  1. #11 Brad May
  2. #9 Rich Clouser
  3. #57 Michael Lira
  4. #81 Will Carroll
  5. #18 Zack Jarrell
  6. #16 Ricardo Flores
  7. #50 Ricky Anderson
  8. #4S Jarrett Snowden


  1. #112 Jarrett Korpi
  2. #44B Matthew Green
  3. #76 Jim Higginbotham
  4. #96 Matthew Wheeler
  5. #21 Mike Dahm

Super Stocks

  1. #23 Shannon Kelly
  2. #43 Butch Herdegen
  3. #2x Mike Amato
  4. #6 Preston Hunt
  5. #31 JT Tippins
  6. #80 Becca Samsoe
  7. #77 Warren Schuur
  8. #21 Mike Dahm
  9. #21x George Dahm

Mini Stocks

  1. #23 Pat Wells
  2. #8 Jamie Dixson
  3. #4 Levi Hammond
  4. #6 Mark Broat
  5. #31 David Russell
  6. #14 Brad Blanton
  7. #115 Tyler Simpson

Strictly Stocks

  1. #9Z Zack Curtis
  2. #81 Jimmy Barron
  3. #24 Megan Matheny
  4. #3X Shane Sutorus
  5. #12 Charles King
  6. #03 Aaron Overman
  7. #17 Robert Rauscher
  8. #7x Luke Gaier DNS

37 cars over 5 divisions. Short track racing seems to be in a sad state right now. Is the car count this low everywhere or is there an underlying reason for it just around here?

No,Just up the road at VSP,they had 60 cars over 4 divisions.

I think the threat of rain kept some away. It was raining at 4pm when I got there, but gone by 5pm…
Great night of racing anyway…

There were 23 wingless sprints & 19 open wheel mods at desoto. 24 modified mini stocks at Showtime. It’s too bad NSS has such low car counts it’s the closest track to me, but I have to travel to the west coast to see some great short track action

My opinion… And one that has a lot of strong support…

Affordability and intelligence has been written right out of the rules over the years everywhere, not just in the south. You guys want car counts back, make it affordable for the little guys again. Racing in general has become expensive north to south easy to west all across the country and is pushing the little guys on a budget further and further away.

There is no single solution to this problem, but it’s time the tracks all start working together to find some fixes to the problems before racing dies completely. The reason dirt tracks have cars are intelligent rules, decent pay and fair tech. It’s not hard to see imo

Sure, I preach about northern racing, but we are included in this all day long. There were days not long ago where we ran consis, A and B mains and sent cars home. Everyone keeps saying “we can’t get those days back” and I don’t believe we will ever recover to that extent, but I bet if done properly, everyone could be running full fields again.