AMF Congratulates!!!

AMF Chassis Congratulates…

#59 Jake Perkins - 2nd Place - Supers @ Auburndale
#13 Aaron Williamson - 1st Place - Sportsman @ DeSoto
#56 Brandon Morris - 2nd Place - Sportsman @ DeSoto
#3 Wayne Jefferson - 4th Place - OWM @ DeSoto
#2 Steven Hise - 3rd Place - OWM @ Citrus

Brandon Morris.jpg

Was hoping to see pics of the OWMs :fragend005:

Here is a picture of the Rocketman’s ride from DeSoto

Glad to see Mr. Jefferson at it again in such a good looking ride.

Will the #3 also be running at Showtime?

Finally, give whoever is hanging the bodies a complimentary beer–everything simply looks fast!

That car will be running Showtime as well as DeSoto as far as we know… and thank you on the compliments of our work!!! :ernaehrung004:

What track is that Perkins photo taken at? My only guess is 5 Flags.

Looks more like Mobile, high banks and no outside wall!

I forgot that 5 Flags has walls now. First time I was there, they didn’t. Second time, there was.

Mobile seems to be the logical choice. Thanks Fred.

Wow! Nice ride…thanks for posting that pic :huepfen024: