Robert Smith RIP

[SIZE=“6”]In memory of my good friend Smith


Thank you for putting that together. Many memories in those pictures of Robert and his race cars.

The Smith family and Robert’s many friends are sure going to miss him.

RIP Robert. A true racer.

It’s been a tough year for their family and for the Fla Sprint Car family in general. :frowning:

Rip Robert. Awesome tribute. I take comfort in knowing you and Benji are busy bench racing as I type this.

Condolences to the family.

Any service? When did he pass?

My thoughts exactly…can’t wait to get there myself and give’m both hell…Next to Mills, Smith had the most influential impact on my racing career…Miss them both!!!

Both were my best friends, mentors and racing brothers and I will truly do miss them …
if I could relive ANY moment in time it would be the trip we went racing at Bayhalia Ms. Fri. night, Riverside (WestMemphis) Sat. night and North Alabama (Tuscombia) Sun. night. Wow was that a trip!!!

[QUOTE=Groundpounder;149692]Condolences to the family.

Any service? When did he pass?[/QUOTE]

Thursday at Gibsonton Baptist Church 10 am visitation followed by service at 11 then pression to the grave site…GP he pass away late Friday night

Great video! Loved watching Robert and David wheel them sprints back in the day! RIP Robert.

That was COOL. I remember him when I went to the races with Bob Luscomb in my early years.

As a young boy from Bradenton I was amazed at the talent of Robert Smith. At East bay and Golden Gate he was THE MAN. I remember eating breakfast at the giant’s camp after the races with the drivers. Robert was and always will be my hero. Just pulled out the drawings from 40 years ago that I made of the 3 car.
GODSPEED ROBERT you will not be forgotten.

Awesome Tribute,Grew up watching Robert put on a show everywhere he went RIP