$3,000 to Win Sportsman

$250 TO START.


Why dont you post more

Come on out and say what you have to say. Why do we need to call? SHOW US WHAT YOU HAVE.

$250 TO START.


Well are you going to make everyone buy a new set of 800s.
I think that would make you some real cash for that race.
You should be able to sell 250 tires. Just think of the income you could get and you could blame it on scott and Patrick…
I heard that the warehouse don’t have any because no one uses them in the south eastern part of the US so get ur order in now.
After the race the racer will want there old tire back and you get to sell 250 more tires.
Be that greedy track tire dealer that say you are and get the cash.

Now how stupid do you think the tracks that have been racers are?
No promoter in his right mind would change tires that are working this late in the season.
Try to use some common sense. Don’t let the few lead the many.
Every time these experts get on here and tell everyone how it should be done at least one track changes and there are few racers that post on here.
Every time a rule changes the racer has to spend money. If what you have cost to much money changing will just cost you more money.
tracks run what you have . Changing to what everyone has is the way to get cars.
I don’t get on here to fix anything and don’t have a dog in this race but I am trying to get the many to open there eyes. If that makes the few mad o well .

are we having fun yet…


Don, you are starting to prove what Jerry (Frasson118) thinks of you. Where do you read in Carol’s post that they are using the 800? Where did you read that any tire change (if there is one) would be implemented in 2014??? BTW, anyone who does run this groundbreaking huge purse Sportsman race will need to buy 4 tires because the 650/450s suck and last one race, nevermind a 75 lapper. Why would you try and deter anyone from competeing in this race THAT FEATURES THE BIGGEST SPORTSMAN PURSE EVER!!! Way to go Auburndale, don’t let Mr. Sour Grapes rain on your parade.

Jerry is right about me and im right about him and we both have to live with it.
This post on the race was to get a response from you and my post wont hert but help the race.
Im sure that they wont change the tire rule and most of the racers are ok with the tire they run that u say sucks.
Im sure they will have a great car count and that it will be a great race.
We competed in the first race of this type at this track in the 70s and had a blast.
We promoted 100 lap sportsman races there in the late 80 .
The car counts have been great everytime and with this purst im sure it will be the best ever.
Ok lets play
Good luck Rex with the race. Im sure it will be great
If scotty shows up for the race and makes the show ill send rex a check for 1 tire…If he finishes in the top 10 Rex you buy him a tire. If he wins ill call Jeff and try to get him to buy him a full set of 800s

are we having fun yet.

scotty you con call me.
ill tell u what I cant post on here and it all good.

352 356 0602


So despite your condescending remarks on the tire thread I remained civil with you and explained everything in detail. Now you claim to intentionally try to push my buttons and you expect me to call you? Spare me the lecture. Thanks, but no thanks. Maybe our paths will cross one day and we can have a civil face to face discussion. Until then, good luck.

Scott (or Don), For the record (and the racers towing in) can you clarify for sure which tire Auburndale will be running, and is it, in fact, what the racers typically already have?


[QUOTE=OldSchool+;151690]Scott (or Don), For the record (and the racers towing in) can you clarify for sure which tire Auburndale will be running, and is it, in fact, what the racers typically already have?


450 and 650 im sure but im not an official.

Scotty in person well be just great .
I was not trying to push your button. Im much better at it than that and when we do talk I hope you will understand why I care so much about this topic. Till then

god bless


Don, respectfully…

I think I kind of got it. Ironically, you and Scott both feel strongly that “a” tire is the most inexpensive way to go for the Sportsman guys, you simply disagree on which tire it is…

What I don’t understand is why you would bring this up in the Auburndale thread.

I thought the horse was fairly well stomped in the other thread, and both points were stated reasonably clearly.

Why intentionally call out Scott and simultaneously rain on Auburndale’s parade?

And absolutely, God Bless you as well, sir.

The buzz is that there are a lot of Sportsman coming to this event ($3000 to win so that’s a shocker). I don’t see any schedule posted for this event anywhere (KARNAC, Track Site, Facebook) except that there is a driver’s meeting for all divisions at 7:30 p.m… I’m sure the competitors and fans would like to know what is happening and when. Any chance of a schedule being posted?


I looked at the A-dale site recently and all I could find was:

"Racing will start at 7:00 PM starting March 8th."

If folks (ie me) arrive at 7 and the drivers meeting isn’t until 7:30 that is not so hot…alternatively showing up at 7:30 or 7:45 to find they have run three races is not so hot either.

Hopefully your request will in fact be posted.

not a track spokesman

I do know that there is a practice today, Friday the 24th from 5pm to 10pm. Typically the pit gate opens there at 3, drivers meeting at 6:30 and they try to start racing at 7. Given the sportsman cars are qualifying…I would think qualifying would start somewhere around 6. Again, I’m not a track spokesman, but these are typical times there from what I remember. Should be a lot of cars and hopefully a good race.

From their Facebook page: Racing starts at 7:00 p.m. Admission $14