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This just in from LeRoy Davidson:

The AUTO VALUE / BUMPER TO BUMPER Super Late Model 25 event has been rescheduled for Friday, Sept. 26. That is the only date available soon without overriding Citrus County’s two-race program. I feel confident this could be a beginning to future races that would run a Friday and Saturday Twin 25, allowing you to race in this area two times in one week rather than travelling two different weeks to run two different 25-lap races. In addition, for all the drivers who attend both races, the winner of Saturday night’s feature will draw a name out of a hat, and that lucky driver will win $500.00. The winner could be anyone who came to participate in this event, not only the winner of the feature.

I have decided to be the one to gamble and will take Friday night and let Citrus County do Saturday night. I’m really hoping this will work so we can do it monthly instead of two weeks at Citrus and two weeks at Bronson. I already know some won’t see it that way at first, but I am sure that once you do it, you will see all the benefits. Spectators will come to see Friday at Bronson, and a lot will go to Citrus the next night to see this great event. In the future there could be a lot added to this program. I see great things happening between these two tracks that will benefit both the drivers and the spectators. Most important of all, this race will be the start of the “Bud Howell Twin Tribute Race”, with some of the proceeds going to the family. This is my contribution to my friend, Bud Howell.

Dates: Friday, September 26th at Bronson Speedway
Pit gate opens at 1:00 pm, Racing begins at 7:30

Saturday, September 27 at Citrus County Speedway
Times to be determined by Citrus County Speedway

LeRoy Davidson

Now your TALKING!!!

This could be the start that changes how the tracks schedule. Everyone
knows that the only way to make it today is car count. If you have that the FANS will come. Then Sponsors will want the exposure and on and on. Thinking outside of the BOX!!!

It’s a shame tracks don’t work together on things like scheduling, hosting each others’ top classes of cars, and promotions. Desoto and New Smyrna did this with the Bright House race.
Problem is, Bronson is going to be all alone if they’re counting on Citrus to be a viable partner. From what i’ve read and heard, Citrus won’t be around long with the mess they currently have there. Citrus will likely come up for lease again in the near future. But then, Bronson could work with Desoto on building car and fan counts.

Here’s something to consider when the idea of car counts bringing fans to the track comes up. Tom Stimus had traffic backed up all the way down State Road 64 and had to turn hundreds, possibly thousands of fans away. Because of car counts? NO. Because he invited a handful of Winston Cup drivers out to sign autographs and some borrowed cars and raced. It wasn’t car count, it was the show.
Anyone who’s waited in the long lines for crash a rama also knows that the crowds are showing up because it’s a good show. Car count isn’t really the answer to bringing fans out. It’s giving them a show. By the way, ticket prices don’t really come into it as much as you might think either because the guest Cup drivers at Desoto and the crash a rama tickets aren’t cheap. The fans are willing to pay if they’re going to get value for their money.

All I know is that if it wasn’t for ScottPrentice (not a Bronson Speedway employee) posting on here, nobody would ever know what goes on at Bronson.

Very good point, it would be nice if the track put any effort into getting the word out! But i sort of got the impression he was connected to the track in some way.

The line I liked best was the one that states “some of the proceeds will go to the family”

I wish it wasn’t 2-1/2 hours from home, I’d love to support this show. We tried last weekend, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Bronson is a nice little facility

I’VE only been there once but I think if someone really put EFFORT into running the place it could be much more of a viable speedway than what it currently is.The problem I see with it banding with Desoto is the distance between the two.It would make more sense for it to work with Citrus because of the proximity between the two or(hold your breath)if something develops further with Lake City in the future.And I hope that could happen since Ive never been to Lake City for a race but cant justify the drive from the Ft.Myers area to see a handful of cars run.(To partially agree with Matts post about its more about the show,but Matt more cars improve the show.)


Bronson Speedway once was and still can be a great facility. Leroy has the knowledge and ability to turn it around. Back when I had the SARA series, we would take both the Modifieds and Late Model Sportsman there when Dean Pruitt was the owner and the place was packed. They had full pits and stands back then and had NO problem paying the purse back then.

Leroy is a great promoter, We ran many races at Punta Gorda when he had it, in fact he hosted MY first race when i took over the series from Hooters, a double header for both the Modifieds and Late Model Sportsman, give him time and it will turn around. With one of the biggest Colleges in the state right there it is a virtural(sp) untapped marked. Best of luck to you Leroy