Press Release from Citrus County Speedway

It will take a all of us working together as a full team to make your local track the best in the state. I am asking for everyone to help get Citrus Speedway back on track and the best track in Florida as a team. Lets put the past behind us and move forward with the 60th year of fine racing at Citrus County Speedway as a racing committee working together 100%.
Denise and myself would like to thank all of the people that have sent prayers to us and there thoughts over the last weeks,
I have looked at many things at Citrus County Speedway and talked to many people over the last week about the problems at your local track. Your local track is not closed for good we will race the 60th year at Citrus County Speedway.
Starting Friday Night 10/17/14 thru 11/8 race there will be open practice for the racers and the go kart people to enjoy there local track for practice.
There will be two more race nights for 2014 season to make it right for the drivers running for points this year. They have a some tight races in the points, this will make it more fair for them to have the chance to finish the battle.
Denise and I would like to thank the following Companies for stepping up to the plate in helping with the first race which will be the following:


We are looking for companies to help sponsor these races to be held on Nov 8th. please give me a call if your interested.

Sportsman 50 Laps ( last points race)
Mod Mini Stocks 25 Laps ( last points race)
Pure Stocks 25 Laps ( last points race)
Mini Stocks 25 Laps ( last points race)
Street Stocks 25 Laps ( last points race)
Pro Hornet 25 Laps ( last points race)
Sunshine State Legends/ Bandoleros Touring series

We are also looking at possibly doing some type of racing on Dec 13th more to come on that.
The awards for the class championships will be held some time in January as last year we are still working on the place and a date. We will announce it soon.
I am talking with Leroy at Bronson as we work together making a 2015 racing schedule. Darren Jackson and Donnie Lewis are working on the new rules for 2015 for all classes also. My goal is to have the 2015 rules and schedule to all of you by the Nov 8th race.

Again thank you to those that have supported the track, the crew of officials we have that have worked very hard. Please help us as we go forward into the 60th year of racing at this great little race track. We really want this to work for everyone but, we need everyone to chip in and help make it happen.

Denise and Gary

Denise & Gary,

Best of luck with the remainder of 2014 & 2015, and it is a brave gesture to post here and to propose “putting the past behind us”.

A few well intentioned suggestions for your consideration:

>As a fan, I have no firsthand knowledge of the details of “the past”, and would suggest in fact that usually the details do not matter, but relationships do.

>So, consider perhaps contacting anyone at any level that you feel a relationship is not in the best of shape, and try to work things out. This could be done in a Wednesday night meeting type of thing, or individually. My guess is that individually might be best.

>Regardless of the meeting(s), my best suggestion moving forward is to simply let your heart lead you.

Do what is right.

It will show through your eyes, your actions, and your wallet. Right is always right, and there is a Rulebook to guide us if necessary. This will eventually be obvious to everyone you deal with, and some-not all-will return the efforts. Car count, fan count, sponsorship…but more importantly, it can be a great place to be on Saturday night.

The future is not written yet. The biggest winners here could be Denise and Gary.


Nathan Give it up already. You DO NOT!! speak for all of the racers, sponsors, and fans of CCS. You have made some very valid points, and presented your point of view eloquently. But enough is enough. Every one deserves a second chance, so lets let the man have it! When a race track is lost, it is lost for good. I am sure no one wants that to happen.

You talk about the majority of us. Who is this majority Nathan?? There are many people who have been around CCS far longer than you have been alive. Drivers with more championships under their belt than your total win count, feel differently than you. I have small grand children who understand how to have a meaningful conversation better than you seem to be able to handle. You are a PATHETIC SNIVELING LITTLE WHINER!!!

The Fair Board depends on the revenue from the lease each year for their budget and they will have a capable promoter in there as soon as he is gone.

That is what they said about the fairgroungs at
West Palm
and many more…

Be carefull what u wish for


As I have said before Nathan is a cancer to racing !

This guy bad mouths, doesn’t support anywhere. He is a cancer to racing, he eats away at it and never puts anything into it. He jumps on peoples posts and runs his mouth like he has something to offer, like he knows something he doesn’t have a clue. He calls people liars, yet makes statements that are untrue. People need to avoid people like this, negative people who bring racing down not help it. Plain and simple ignore him, support the track he can go race his chump car and leave the track to people who will help the sport not eat away at it. You have a choice, Gary wants to make the track work, but it takes everyone to do it. Gary has the lease until 2017, he is paid up but he remember also he does not have to hold racing there, if there were to many more Nathan’s, and several other that just talk crap and don’t help, why would you hold races ? Luckily Gary loves racing and will continue to try to make it work.

I am sure Nathan will have some very educational to say to reply but since he feels it is fine to jump on my charity race posts and all I owed him at least one !

That 'ol ball & chain

Maybe a good time to mention personal responsibility.


>Personal responsibility applies to us all. Zero Exceptions. We can choose to ignore it, but it still applies. Therefore…

>A Promoter can promote–or not–as he (and she, in this case) sees fit. They cannot “blame” their success, or lack thereof, on others.

>Racers can race at a track, or not, or state facts as they see them. But to lambast another human being is their choice–not because the other guy “made” them.

>Similarly, I can choose to support, or rip into, anyone I choose, “deserving” or not. It is still my choice.

I choose to be supportive whenever I can. Nathan, I know you are passionate about the sport. I would suggest you put that passion to work making the car faster.

Finally, sponsors, be they track or car, may read this site.

All food fer thought, thanks for allowing me to be here, guys (& gals).

Re: Christians/Hypocrites.

This is not regarding anyone named in this thread.

Frequently a Christian will make an error that seems to be a fatal flaw, and is labeled as a hypocrite. That is absolutely a true statement.

However, Christians (that is, not in name but in heart–they Believe) ask for forgiveness and try–and fail, again and again.

The deal is though, typically, non Christians are kinda right there step for step in the falling down dept., they are just not typically doing the trying part.

The Good News is Forgiveness–for everyone–for everything–over and over again–is only an apology to the Big Guy away.

Prayer over. Certainly no offense intended to those of other Faiths, or Atheists.

Thx again.

Florian & groundpounder

Florian you continue to link me something I did not have to do with, but keep on with it. I did not lie to anyone, I told it as I was told the info in the meeting. So you certainly can’t get over somethings. I continue to be linked to doing stuff at the track and besides the Coulter truck races I have been gone since week 3 of the season when my health issues started. But you all can continue to link and blame me because that is what you so, speaking about no true things.

Ground pounder a christian does not sit back and let people let Florian and yourself run there mouths just because we are christian. You and he continue to get on my posts and make fun, slam etc. so when I say something I am not being a christian ? you make me laugh.

I am saved, I serve Him, I help others, I do my best to live right for him, but I am not perfect, but forgiven ! Those who truly know me and do not hide behind a key board know this, as I said about Florian neither of you have a clue.

If you all put even 1/2 of the effort into helping this or another track, racing period as you do slamming and mocking people you might actually accomplish something.

But I am sure you will simply continue as you are.


Best wishes regarding your health issues.

I am saved, I serve Him, I help others, I do my best to live right for him, but I am not perfect, but forgiven ! Those who truly know me and do not hide behind a key board know this, as I said about Florian neither of you have a clue.

Rick we are not buds and don’t agree an a lot of things you do but I know that
You do what you do for all the right reasons. I hope the best for you .
I never hide either