Asphalt sportsman roller

I am looking for a asphalt sportsman roller preferably 3 link will consider 4 link also. In good condition

DJ give me a call, I may be able to find you a good roller pretty cheap.

Patrick Thomas 25


Ok I will call tou tomorow thank you sir

I have a Jimmy Cope built sportsman roller.
Its Camaro with leafs in the rear,comes with 9" or new quick change.
This car is fast,stright and has a ton of wins.
rick m


I do appreciate it but i have a leaf spring car right now and am looking in another direction for a 3 link. but how much for yours as a roller?

call lMike Barr 1 386 848 9991 he has a very nice one reasonable three link that we built for him

$2500 with the 9"
$3500 with the Quick Change.
Thanks Rick m


Thank you i will give him a call

have 3 link sportsman roller, with 9" floater, tubular uppers/lowers for sale $3000, call 863-661-0114