Ride with #79 SLM at the Governor's Cup 200

You too can ride at full speed at the Governor’s Cup. See your name on the Hood of the #79 Super Late Model race car. By donating/sponsoring Dakotah Stephens Racing Team in their bid for the win at the Florida Governor’s Cup at New Smyrna Speedway the weekend of November 22-23, 2014, your name will be proudly displayed on the hood of the #79 race car. Tires are needed for this 200 lap race. All donations are appreciated. Be it a small or a large donation, anonymous or name shared, all are appreciated. To be part of the team and make a donation, click to this link http://www.gofundme.com/gmviak

Thank you,
Dakotah Stephens

I can’t even imagine an old school guy, like say Dick Trickle, doing something like this.

I know there was no internet back then, but he still had to tow from Wisconsin, just saying…

If it makes the difference between him making the race or not, good for him. Dont be so damn judgy.

The difference is back then Trickle had sponsors and BEER! I’ve tried the same thing on my Face Book for the modified portion. So far nothing. Guess I don’t have friends on my Face Book. Not looking good. Good Luck.

So dd38 that mean your not going to make the big mod race?

Up in the air at this time. But the BIG issue for me is I don’t like the fact there is no half way break this year. My car won’t run 100 laps on 15 gallons and the threat of a FIRE!!! Hell if I had known that I would have bought a little bigger bladder for the fuel cell as it is I just bought a new 15 gallon one a few weeks ago for the everyday low, low price of $670! Just for the bladder! Here you are going to be trying to shove fuel into the car doing a pit stop with a funnel and 5 gallon jug when everything is HOT and the driver strapped in! Then you miss the funnel or you overfill it, where does the spilled fuel go? If like mine, and a lot are, the fuel tank fill is mounted in the top of the deck and the fuel is going to run down the deck right into the Driver’s compartment. I don’t have a dry break system either.

LoL, Ok not trying to be judgmental, things are different nowadays, I know…
btw- I know Trickle also had to have sponsors. :ernaehrung004:

Honestly though this kid is asking for money for the biggest super late model race in florida. We are talking about the biggest expense in racing in the state of florida. If you cant afford to race then either 1.) Dont Race or 2.) Step down to a class that is more affordable. Maybe the karma of this kid having the website a few years back and bashing everyone that raced with him has caught up to him. JMO

Really why is everyone getting on this kid for raising money to race??


Seems like any other solicitation for sponsorship to me.

10 points for trying, regardless of results.

All I said was I could not imagine an old school racer coming onto a public forum and asking for money…

but as I said before things are different nowadays- no more Supper Clubs around to sponsor race cars.

if you don’t ask you never will receive.

Hey Dakota

There is a website that exists and I believe its name is fundanything.com,it also links up to facebook and is a venue for people to fund just about anything,not just race cars.Business ventures,emergency surgeries I guess,anyway basically anything and everything that a person may need to raise funds for.Anyway why not give that a try also,hell you might even fund an entire season not just one race,you never know.But while you are at it why not at least offer those that take you up on it an autographed picture of you with the car or something like that make them feel like they are getting a little something in exchange.Just saying it couldnt hurt.