Buzzie's New Old Toy...

Buzzie and the gang at Reutimann Racing have just about finished restoring one of the old late-1950s-early-1960s Modifieds… Will have it at East Bay on 11/22… This car and the old man need to be at the Mod Reunion in February!
Photo by Eddie Roche…

Dave, Do you know if a jimmie six or chevvie V8 is going in there?

Am excited about this car–I probably saw it run back before I had all these wrinkles (physical & mental…).

Great picture of a Florida icon.It appears the 6 cylinder is already installed. Just think if the body is steel it is the only thing in the picture older than Buzzie but not by much.

Huh, I can see it now–3x2bbls it looks like.

Mod Reunion is a GREAT idea Dave. I love it.


I thought it looked like 3 single barrels

Any updates on this car and/or confirmation that Buzzie will have it at East Bay this weekend?

–am strongly considering making another big run down there…

How can I post a picture on here?

Here is that exact car in a model Ricky Smallwood made for me. Only thing missing is Buzzy standing in front of it. Emil was my hero growing up!

This car started out as Wayne’s car. The original car didn’t have a roll cage when Wayne started driving it. The motor started out as a 261 CI truck block, it is bored out to 356 CI (depending on the stroke) and has an Isky Cam with 3 - 1 barrel carbs on it.