Desoto Speedway results



  1. 79 Jason Kimble Brooksville
    2.88 Sport Allen St. Pete
  2. 2 Dave Steele Tampa
  3. 1 Ty Decaire Tampa
  4. 84 Ernie Teed Sarasota
  5. 9 Matt Alfonso Tampa
  6. 92 Dave Retzlaff Brooksville
  7. 99 Nick Snyder Marco
  8. 22 Johnny Gilbertson Dover
  9. 14 Rickie Corr Plant City
  10. 4 Geoff Snyder Cape Coral
    12.15 Troy Thompson Brooksville
  11. 11 Brian Riddell Thonotosassa
  12. 41 Ray Bragg Tampa
  13. 2x Todd Donaldson Mulberry
  14. 3 Travis Bliemeister Venice
  15. 63 Yent Carlie Tampa

Pro Trucks
1 37 Nick Hernandez Palmetto
2. 50 Danny Anderson Bradenton
3. 4 Dennis Colletti Sarasota
4. 98 Cody Benoit Buckingham
5. 1 Tyler Lau Bradenton
6. 09 Tommy Caveney Mulberry
7. 99 Cody Martell Old Myakka
8. 5 Richard Griffis West Palm
9. 51x Jason Kuykendall Port Charlotte

Street Stock

  1. 45 Nick Hernandez Bradenton
  2. 27 John Heidenthal Myakka
  3. 6 James Nanny Bradenton
  4. 77 Jason Kuykendall Port Charlotte
  5. 80 Richard Nelson Port Charlotte
  6. 64 Dave Bowman Bradenton
  7. 57 Jim Brenner Sarasota
  8. 98 Jarrett Cornell Cape Coral
  9. 91 Ander Jackson Punta Gorda
  10. 7 Blain Baer Port Charlotte D.Q.
  11. 86 John Sapricone Bradenton D.Q.

Pure Stock

  1. 3 Duane Best Parrish
  2. 67 Jimmie Best Sarasota
  3. 80x Chad Cummings Palmetto
  4. 29 Brad Tindell Sarasota
  5. 36x James Widner Myakka City
  6. 63 Mark Petty Venice
  7. 44 Rick Hess Englewood
  8. 98 Logan Leonard Cape Coral

Mini Stock

  1. 05 Ronnie Robinson Bradenton
  2. 28 Eric Daniels Bradenton
  3. 67 Jimmie best Sarasota
  4. 99 Johnny Marra Port Charlotte
  5. 3 Sherry Best Myakka
  6. 008 Ren Wright Jr. St. Pete
  7. 71 Savannah Skaggs Cape Coral D.Q. finished 1st


  1. 1 Jeff Firestine Venice
  2. 57 Aaron Holmes Auburndale
  3. 23 Keny Gibson Venice
  4. 85 Larry Welter Sr. Bronson
  5. 10 Tristan Collins North Port
  6. 15 Clint Snyder North Port
    7 79 Preston Warren Aburndale
  7. 75 Josh Todd Polk City
  8. 4+ Jody Gill Auburndale
  9. 19 Sheri Krom Sarasota
  10. 4 Jeff Webster Zephyrhills D.N.S.
  11. 42 Bubba Edwards Auburndale D.N.S.
  12. 23x Brandon Duchscherer Auburndale D.Q.
  13. 58 Larry Welter Jr. Williston D. Q.

Rookie 4

  1. 67 MasonCassidy Bradenton
  2. 7 Kristen Milthaler North Port
  3. 68 Jesse Heidenthal D.Q.

Champ Karts

  1. 57 Brian Sherer
  2. 66 David Harp
  3. 77 Phil Harp
  4. 10 Darin Coker
  5. 3 Rance Williams
  6. 02 Bo Collier
  7. 81 A.J. Isbister D.Q.

Race Cars of Yesterday

  1. 4p
  2. 2
  3. 11
  4. 96
  5. 48
  6. 57
  7. 400
  8. 44
  9. 15

What were all of the DQ’s? Is there anywhere to find those results?

As per Larry Welter in the bombers, he finished 2nd. One of the track favorites put up $500 for a bumper to bumper protest, but no counter protest by Larry. He refused and loaded up.
After towing around 200 miles each way, this is BS for sure if true. JMHO…

Yea the pulled the same crap on the #23 bomber as well. No option to protest the 1 car though. From what i was told it wasnt Jeff doing the protesting it was his car owner Dean. Tired of getting out ran i guess.

One thing that blows my mind is you can protest a car and never have to have your own car teched. I think the one protesting should be checked first and if hes legal then check the other car being protested

O well they ran off 3/4 of there bomber class over this crap. Not smart

Tear Down

I just do not understand why the car that was protested did not tear down? And if they were illegal, well then the system worked. Holding cars accountable to the rules is not running them off. I was not there, but this sounds like out of town cars coming to race, that don’t have the same rules, and they just figure that they will get by. Just my two cents Vince.

I don’t see where they " ran " anybody off. If you get protested, you take the car to tech and take it apart, you don’t refuse and leave. Just like the rule book says. If you want to counter protest, put up your money.
Try floating your " any one who protests has to get their car torn down first " brainstorm past the racers, i’m sure they’d think that was a fine idea.

They wouldn’t let me counter protest so I said good bye and I won’t be back sore losers all I can say

Seems strange, what were their exact words concerning why you weren’t allowed to counter protest?
I guess more to the point, why didn’t you want your car checked?

[QUOTE=Matt Albee;152697]Seems strange, what were their exact words concerning why you weren’t allowed to counter protest?
I guess more to the point, why didn’t you want your car checked?[/QUOTE]

I’ve had four motors out and on the ground. Three were legal and one failed because of 1cc on one chamber of one head(I had no idea). I loved proving that I wasn’t cheating. The extra money came in handy too.

Congrats to Jason kimble on his first win, that didn’t take to long to do in the short time he has ran sprints. The bommer race that they had was there extra money put up was it a special race for those cars I don’t no wasn’t there

rules are rules

Sounds like Desoto tech is doing there job. Sucks that the guy drove so far from out of town to get protested and bounced in tech, but he should of checked the rules first? Dean and Jeff are regulars at Desoto, so they are probably held to the rule book, as should be all the racers. Just my thoughts… Vince P.