NSS races cancelled tonite?!

Heard they are going to make up the owm race in January sometime. If that’s so that is crappy and going to cost the guys a bunch of money!

I drove all the way there and it was canceled at 5:15 why did they call it so early? gees they couldnt wait longer and see. it was supose to clear up after 7:00 and now they are going to run it in january.

In track parking lot right now. No rain yet. Radar looks clear.

No rain yet almost 11pm

Well who made the call not to wait? they should not have called it untill at least 8:30/9:00.

I heard they couldn’t get track dry.
It was the wrong call but it happens. Hopefully it stays dry for Sunday. Just feel bad for all the OWM teams

That track dries easy with a few cars driving on it .they could have called up Daytona and ask to use one of there dryers it a Nascar track. I also feel bad for the guys who spent money and time to come. what happens if they cant make it back in January? the pro late race and the mod should have been ran today .

Not sure, but they called all the drivers before making the call to cancel… have heard there’s a possibility the drivers voted on it… not sure about that, but it’s sure a possibility… the weather had been crdappy all day…light drizzle and they had already dried the track 3 times… at the time of the call…it was still a steady drizzle…then about 30 minutes after they called it…BOOM, quit drizzling… what’s ya gonna do… they had no idea it was gonna clear up…turned out to be a great evening…OSF