Travis Cope Wins Gov Cup 2014

Yea buddy…the kid knows NSS and not just for the Brighthouse Series…exciting last 20-30…keep creaping up on leader and with 2 to go, got under leader and brought it home…A. Big Congrads to Kid Cope…OSF

Congrats Travis…great job

That was a hell of an eventful run for Travis! A couple of spins, starting at the back down almost 2 secs with 50 to go and no cautions. Was glad he made it happen.

OSF - where’d you sit this year? I figured we’d be wedgin you in come green flag time.

Gov Cup, Steven Wallace, etc

Interesting Gov Cup, probably the strongest field i have seen damn near ever for it. Dont know why Bubba Pollard can seem to figure out NSS.

Qualifying in the heat and sun threw people for a loop. Pollard, Campbell, there were a bunch who were caught out by that. Not to mention the impound rule that sent a bunch to the back including Nasse. What broke on his car that led to the contact he had? Looked like he slowed noticeably prior.

The race was interesting, Choquette was really fast and just overreacted on Augie. Augie is the kind of guy that keeps pushing and leaning and poking and prodding and that mustve got to Jeff. Never seen Jeff act like that. I hope it doesnt cost him a ride. Mrs Liz was not happy neither was Mr Adrian. Their son almost got into a fight with the Race Director - one thing is for sure when you do things that cause her family to be in a bad spot like that, somebody is gonna bear the brunt. Not sure yet if that is NSS or Jeff. Bad stuff all the way around for them - drove in from Iowa (?) Pro Lates got rained out, DQ while running w the leaders. Mouth meet bad taste.

Not a fan of the decision by NSS - I understand it the idea - but never really seen it in that situation on a big race. Augie is no angel out there.

Was a race of attrition for sure some of the guys i expected to see up front really never materialized (Pollard, Rogers, Clouser, Keene, Boyd, etc)

Wallace was steady throughout. Not sure what to make of him these days. Still not a fan of his personality or the past transgressions. However he is more impressive every time i see him as a driver.

On the other hand, he still takes more liberties chopping people coming out of a turn than that dude on the Food Network. Rogers and most others just give him a wide berth and dont spend much time around him.

Except for Harrison Burton who ran a HELL of a race all over Wallace without touching him. He is another one who regardless of daddy’s money can really wheel a car. Expect big things there.

Overall, great race, could have been more side to side (see Wallace and Burton) - like the afternoon format - changing track conditions added to the mix.

Feel really bad for Good - had it covered then brake or brain fade. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and go with brakes.

Congrats to Travis!

Below the tower…bout 10 rows up…told Kim not to reserve my seat…Knees are real bad…can’t do stairs easily…Fell twice @ Desoto…Still saw a great race…OSF

Sorry we missed ya, whoever had the seat never showed up. I have certainly not missed a meal lately so the extra space was appreciated!