Battle at the Beach OFFICIAL News

As reported on Speed51 Twitter: “The Battle at the Beach will NOT return in 2015 according to NASCAR Exec. VP Steve O’Donnell”

So is it dead and gone or is anything sticking around for NSS?

Bummer for sure… but we were always lead to believe it was a temporary thing. Glad I made it to both.

No matter what others thought of this event, I had a blast each time. Sorry to see it go.

" The Apron "…we hardly knew ya. RIP
Did Speed 51 think to ask Steve why?

Well that sucks but it does mean two more nights Ill be racing the tour mods at NSS, hopefully the numbers are good for other tour mods. I don’t understand why they don’t just move it to NSS? And the funny thing is that they’re still having a Televised K&N race from NSS are they not? So why not just run K&N and Mods the same night, for points, at NSS, televised, called the battle at the beach, and call it a day? I see that race as a major success for what it was, it doesn’t make sense to cancel it completely.

Shock,awe and surprise.You scrubbed an event you never promoted.What a crock.Nascar started that thing as a way to “SPOTLIGHT” their member weekly tracks.And thats just how they turned the spotlight on----weakly.I couldnt find out any info before the first one,kind of just winged it up to Daytona for it.It was supposed to be for state,regional,and track champs from across Nascars member tracks across the U.S. Standing in line going through the autograph session I found out for several of the young guys running it was the first time ever for them in a super late model.I guess they were thestreegionalhamp of theyre area in the legends or mini stocks you figure it out.So much for the premise of the event.They drop the late models for this past february and once again dont promote.(sound familiar track promoters).Now its done huh? Oh well at least I have the autographed posters I got that day.Thanks NASCAR for those at least (the Kyle Larson autograph alone might bring something on ebay some day)as well as the memory.

At the local level NASCARS interest starts and stops with sanctioning fees and competitor licenses. If they gave a damn they would put this show on at NSS as a show of their support for local racing, and God forbid try it in other parts of the country in order to grow the sport.

Explaination posted here…

That’s the official word, but I think they are just scared of Kyle Larson! :dry:

The official speak from DIS says they had to end it because of construction, the backstretch grandstands are going to be torn down. Of course they knew this before the ever ran the first " Apron ". They did give some guys a chance to race at DIS that probably never would have, and that’s a good thing.
If you want anything to wither and die, just let the short attention span brigade at NASCAR get their paws on it.

agreed, but credit where credit is due–they are putting in escalators!

and elevators i hear. But most important, they’re installing plenty of new " injectors ". And for the fans sake, i hope they’re installing " rejectors " too. Or are they " exjectors "? Or maybe they’re " unjectors "?

Matt, matt, [SIZE=“2”]matt…[/SIZE]

If you are found to be “illegal”, you go down the deporters.

However, before you can actually get to one there are “officials” to give you a voter’s Id, healthcare, a $22 NASCAR Meatball sandwich, and are escorted directly to tower seating.

(juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust kidding…)

That stinks,as we know the mod numbers are getting smaller each year.Did I read correctly the Richie Evens Memorial race is now for the Late models? Should be a mod show put up the money NNSNascrap and they will come.Dissapointed for sure.Kats hope all went well up north!

I don’t understand who makes these decisions. No Mod races friday or saturday night??? Why would they come down to race for three nights, with the highlight being a 76 lap race (not counting friday and saturday the week before, stupid). NSS could have turned it around and made the battle at the beach being cancelled a good thing for them with a huge mod race and a decent schedule, but that would be too smart. Every time I think they are getting smarter…

The Ritchie Evans Memorial race being a Super race has got to be a typo. No way that that’s not a Tour-Type Mod race. However, I’m kinda disappointed that the Tour Mods aren’t racing the last night of the World Series. Was hoping to see some of my northeast racing friends in the pits when the Sportsman run on that Saturday night . I have a feeling they will be way up I-95 when the pits open.

If the Richie Evans memorial is run with late models it is not a race it is a disgRACE!

I apologize for any confusion guys there was a typo when I sent speed51 the schedule. The Richie Evans Memorial is a 100 lap tour mod race.