Sand Mountain

Pulled this pic off Facebook…

Did you know there used to be an actual “Sand Mountain”? More like a giant hill, but it was leftovers from the phosphate mining process and was at one time the highest point in Fla. Then later the technology got to a point where they were able to further extract more phosphate out of the “Mountain” and it got smaller and smaller until it was eventually gone.

Was quite the tourist attraction for awhile.

That’s your Karnac Weird News report for Monday 12-2-14

I found a picture.

sand mountain.jpg

That concludes your karnac weird news report for today.

Wait a minute, that’s a downhill skiing race!:confused:

Trying to uphill ski race would just be silly

Looks like a motorcycle Hill Climb Track made in heaven to me.

If you look closely you can see Robt Yoho shoving those guys off the top of the hill.

If you look REAL close, you can see OSF in line at the Hot Dog stand.

It’s actually a photo from the Guinness Book of World records of Virginia Higginbotham’s world’s largest bowl of potato salad…

And it still wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the demand!

looks more like a sand trap from that photo