Camaro pure/thunder stock car has been complete gone threw. Alum bumpers all the way around, has landrum rear spring and hypercoil front springs. Afco split valve and 50/50 shocks package. Has the following ; hydraulic clutch pedal, shifters, battery with battery box, gauge panel, switches, all wiring, fuel cell with fuel line, headers, radiator, 17in butler built seat, power steering pump. 168 saginaw need rebuilt no bell housing. Can sell with dots or hossier mediums. Cars well built, only reason I’m selling is because I’m building a new car. Sell as rollor ; no motor no seat belts no lead 1800 firm*

Can sell with spares including
-6 upper control arms
-4 lower control arms
-Set of spendles
Spare tie rods & centerlinks & idler arms
-2 stock axles
-1 moser axle
-1 rear complete no axles
Misc rear leaf pads, mount mounts

Will sell as package deal for 2400

Call/text 3523624244