Bronson Speedway Eve of Destruction and 2015 Hang Over Enduro

(Formerly known as Enduro Race Cars)
Using a JUNK $300 Car (or your Wife’s Grocery Getter)!!!

for Bronson Speedway’s

Things have changed over the years……When I stepped back into racing three months ago after being out of it for 12 years, I found things are different. Big cars are harder to find, but some drivers still insist on races for them. Intermediate size cars, 6 cyl. front & rear wheel drive, 4 cyl. front wheel drive……what do you do?
I have 4 pre-entries for the Enduro, not because of my credibility or where our track is located, but because everyone is running Enduro’s now, some with all cars together, some with big cars, some with 4 cyl. front wheel drive cars, etc. For over 20 years I ran the only New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day races in the state. Now, several tracks do it, some even during the year, with different rules wherever you go. I WAS embarrassed to say I have only 4 entries, but after seeing the whole picture, I am not surprised. However, I do have a driver from New York and probably 20 others who say they are building cars. But what would I do if I don’t get enough cars and I promote and get 1000 spectators – which is not hard to do on a race event like this – it would be very hard to get those spectators back if that happened.
My first Enduro had 224 cars, and no one in 20 years ever got hurt with the very simple rules I had in place. You could build a car in 8 hours or less, and you had an equal chance of winning. NO RACE CARS ALLOWED!
Here we are, less than 3 weeks from New Year’s, and I am at the point of canceling the Eve of Destruction and Enduro for “lack of interest”; or maybe there is a lot of interest, but it has just become too complicated to build a car. For example, we have cars that cost $10,000 to build, and they are racing for less than $300 to win in our weekly show. I’m asking you to take a $300 car and race for a total purse of $5,000, $10,000, or even $15,000, and VERY FEW TAKERS for the direction we were going! Doesn’t make sense, does it?
Here is what I propose:
I’m changing the name of the race event. It will now be called Redneck Racing Southern Style, The Way It Should Be! (according to real rednecks)
I’m changing the dates to Saturday night, January 3 for the Eve of Destruction races, and Sunday afternoon, January 4 for the Redneck Racing Southern Style Main Event. All cars need to go to the Enduro’s being held at other tracks on New Year’s Day, then come to Bronson Speedway for the “After the Party” races on the weekend.
I’m changing the rules. Build a car in 8 hours, NO RACE CARS! Take the windows and all glass out, leave front windshield in place *** Remove chrome parts, mirrors, etc., and all flammable interior parts *** Can leave car seat in or replace it with a racing seat *** Must have seat belts, fire extinguisher, helmet and heavy coveralls or clothing, fire suit recommended *** DOT tires, no snow tires or race tires, stock rims but may reinforce centers and add bigger lugs. All 4 tires must be same size, all rims must be same offset *** Roll bar and driver door bar are optional; doors may be welded, chained or bolted. *** Battery may be relocated to drivers compartment securely mounted and covered *** No antifreeze allowed *** Gas tanks must be moved into trunk area and mounted as far forward as possible, centered and secured with 2 straps both ways (unless mounted in front of the rear axle), must have hole drilled for drainage, must have steel firewall between driver and gas tank. Fuel cells permitted *** CARS MUST BE STOCK BY THE EYE….NO EXCEPTIONS *** Anything you can take off with a wrench or screw drivers is ok, NO TORCHING *** And THAT’S IT!! Can’t get any simpler than that!!!
We will run 2 races. Each will pay according to car count and each race will be 100 laps. Say you have 20 cars, the total purse will be $2,000 paying 10 places . But if you have 100 cars, the total purse will be $10,000 paying 10 places! All 4 cylinder front wheel drive cars will be in one class, and all others (big cars, 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder) will be in another class.
BONUS: If we have a total of 225 cars in all classes combined, I will pay an additional $5,000 to be split between the 2 winners only ($2,500 per race).
A flyer with additional information will be posted on soon.
All of the above will be the same for the 3-race series of New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. If I offer this and you don’t need this much money for a small investment, or if you don’t think you would like to have the thrill of driving a cheap race car, then I will not try any other enduro’s after Labor Day of 2015. One additional note: your 4-cylinder front wheel drive car will also be legal to run in our Strictly Stock class every Saturday night. So build an old junk car and run it 3 times a year with a possible purse of $15,000 per race….think about it, and send in your pre-entry of $100 before the December 28th deadline to Speedway Operations, 9950 NE State Road 24, Archer, FL 32618, or pay the full price of $150 entry fee at the gate on race day. You may call the track at 352-486-4998 with questions.
Saturday Night’s Eve of Destruction races include:
Women’s 30 lap Enduro
Flagpole Race
Reverse Race
Blindfold Race
Kidney Bean Race
Tuffman Truck
Engine Blowing Contest
Mens/Womens Switch Off 50 laps
Boat Race Figure 8 (big cars only, and only if there are 5 cars pre-entered by Dec. 28)
You dream it up, we may do it!
$30 pit pass per person includes entry into all of these races you want to run.
Pits will be open on Saturday by 3:00 pm, you must be in the pits by 6:00 pm. Racing will begin at 7:00. Pits will open Sunday at 10:00 am for pre-inspection, racing will begin at 2:00 pm. Pit pass on Sunday is also $30 per person.
See ya’ll then….LeRoy