orlando speed world

just wanted to say thanks to clean cut tree service for keeping osw going if it wasn’t for them I don’t think osw would be doing any oval racing . its a shame this track struggles this is a great track for racing . instead I see picture’s on Facebook of stupid car shows cars parked on the track that’s not even race cars. :anim_buttkick: just my 2 cents.

OSW is like a old cat.
Been killed a few times threw the years.
I haven’t been counting but it might have one left.
It needs some one to take a real swing at weekly southern style stock car racing.
After a full season the racers and fans might come back.
Having a show now and then is just taking another life from the old girl.
But who is counting??


What ever keeps the lights on!

Well I was there Fri and also attended the drivers meeting.
They announced that they will be racing twice a month this year. As far as the other events go…I’m not a drifter or whatever else they got going on but they said the drifters are going to pave the pits and do some other improvements as well. I’m just glad me and my son have a place to race. I do hope it works out aand we run there this year twice a month like they claim.
On that note I do plan on running some other races this year at some other tracks. A-dale is paying big money ($700 or $800 if I’m not mistaking) once a month to win for V-8 bombers…New Symrna and OSW should take notes last race went to that paid that much money over there about 30 cars started.
On a sadder note OSW pays just as much to win the 4 cylinder class race as NSS pays to win Super Stock Race. $200

The drifter are going to pave the pits WHY? are they going to do some drifting in the pits ? And some other improvements PiSH I will believe it when I see it :rolleyes:

Dear lord help us if drifters start wanting to “run” at our dirt tracks

Short track. In drivers meeting they said it was because the drifters were gonna foot the bill for it.


It’s what they call ‘‘Pay to Play’’.

They already do… We are just borrowing the track. They pay 65pp to drive each week.

As I said…whatever keeps the lights on.

why do you guys always complain about the drifters giving money to your local track?

Because they are S.T.U.P.I.D.
Short Track United People In Denial

Oops, wrong sign in again. Should have signed in with my Boneman account.

LOL ! Bringing heat to Boneman for almost 10 years now.

ok but why do they care? the pits aren’t that bad for what they do. they come in change a tire or two go out drift around the track that anybody could do with a rear wheel drive car no skill involved . its a real :smilie_bett:

As I said I’m no drifter but clearly Shorttracker has never seen the drifters go all the way around there. Some of them have 1000+ hp. Just out of curiosity Shortracker were you at the race and have you or do you even race?

My guess is that the pits were rough on their spoilers and maybe the dirt got into the intercoolers.

I too am not a fan of the drifting set, but if they got the jack, Jack…

Let’s be thankful Walmart doesn’t need a distribution center there.

yea I use to race about two years ago and I could drift all the way around the track and it didn’t take 1000 HP to do it .I have been to one drift event I was there for a total of one hour and all I saw was one car at a time drifting all the way around the track. I left and still I cant figure out the point of drifting sorry . what do you think the drifters will do when all the rear wheel drive cars are gone someday?

Why do you guys complain about drifters giving money to your track?

“Short Track1 Underestimates Peoples Intelligent Decisions”.

Someone wants to give the track money for practical improvements? I am all for it. The fact is, the pits at Speedworld are like driving in a bombing range, they need the improvement!

“Speedworld Takes Up Paving Incentive [SIZE=“1”]from[/SIZE] Drifters”

Hey EZ, your/my account has been collecting dust for a few years, but remember: I am not exactly on a board of directors anymore. Ahh, freedom!


Hey EZ, your/my account has been collecting dust for a few years, but remember: I am not exactly on a board of directors anymore. Ahh, freedom![/QUOTE]


All I can say is thank goodness!!!

Hey Rex, any chance you can stop by the RV to share a SUDS at the 24?

stop by the RV to share a SUDS?

I would not miss it! My kids and I love going to the Rolex 24. Here is a newsflash for you: I am running in the 5k race the morning before the Rolex starts. It will be my first 5k, and it couldn’t happen in a more memorable place. The race is one lap around the track that the Daytona road course.

I remember when Mopar brought a pair of Dodge Vipers to the PRI USAC races at OSW a few years ago with a couple of professional “drifters” who put on an awesome show that was fun to watch… I was standing with Johnny Rutherford in turn three and he even commented on how much skill it takes to “drift” like that…

I was disappointed when I went to OSW a few weeks ago to see The Drifters… They did not show up but I did get to see The Four Tops, The Supremes and Martha & the Vandellas… (by the way, just what is a vandella?)