Old School

Didn’t want to jack NSS thread. I will try and answer yur question about sprints at yohos, 1 of those big races was on top of another race that a lot of drivers had already committed to, the nonwing deal at citrus,That was all on yoho he should of picked another night,then on top of that he was convinced by a couple of hitters to allow 410 cu to run with the 360 that pissed off some drivers,even tho the race was won by the ace in a 360 some people didn’t feel they could compete, That track is awesome for sprints to race on. Hopefully the tbara can get it figured out, but a big part of the problem is you cant get the 30/40 cars in the state on the same page,with the king of wings coming who knows we will just have to see what happens

Thanks, that sheds a lot of light on that deal.

Say, glad you are here, I wanted to ask, was that your car that Jefferson won a feature at Showtime in?

No sir that is Chet’s car mine is on the lift resting till I find her a new home,I’ve got a 5yr old grandson that’s started racing karts last year and I’m having a whole lot more fun doing that with him, than I ever did racing cars

Thx again.

As you know, five gets to be fifteen in no time. I’m just sayin’.