Trans for 2.3

Looking for a trans for a 2.3 ford mod mini that I can pair with a 3.27 rear gear to primarily run at NSS.

Check your E-mail.

Mod Mini Gear

Hey BobbyD just a question. What Tranny u looking for. If you are running at NSS that 327 gear will be to much un less you fine a 1.81 tranny. Good luck with that because they are very hard to fine. That will give you a final of 599. Just a possibility look for a 1.97 with a 273 gear should be around 537 final.

Hey Lucky. Thanks for the response. I was looking for a 2.14 as I was under the impression the 2.14 with the 327 would work best for NSS. I have a spare 1.97 trans and a 3.45 gear. Would that work better or the 1.97 with the 327? Im just starting in this class and racing at NSS so Im trying to figure out the best options.

NSS71, I didnt get anything from you. You can also text me at 9047551848


Hey Bobby I have run at nss and had very good success, there. 1.97 with a 273 or a 1.81 with a 308 is the way to go. Any thing higher will turn to many rpms. For a 2300 motor u risk blowing up your motor. See if u can fine a 273 with that 1.97 or a 1.81 with a 308

Thanks! Do you happen to know of anyone who has an extra set of 273’s or where I could get a set? Based on your input I think Ill put in the 1.97 trans but now need to find a set of 273’s

Mod Mini Gear

Hey BobbyD just post on here that you are looking for a 273 gear for a mod mini. There are a lot of mod mini’s out here and I’m sure that some body will have what your looking for.

Good Luck and I hope to see you out there soon.

P.S. are you going this weekend to watch the mod mini’s run. I will be there to watch myself.

Thanks Lucky for all your help and valuable insight. Ill get a post out there and hopefully find one. Yes, I plan on coming down this weekend for the race. I was really hoping to have my car ready but that’s not going to happen. I will be down there so if you’re around send me a text or call. Thanks!