FAST Kids are BACK!!!!

[SIZE=“4”]I spoke to Jamie Hasse (he owns the lease on Three Palms Speedway) today and he said he is bringing back the FAST Kids. Drivers ages 12 to 16 years of age will race in their own Truck Division. I always felt that the FAST Kids is what took The FASTRUCK Series to the next level. We’ve had 48 FAST Kids over the 5 years that it was going. There are our many drivers in NASCAR now that went threw the FASTRUCK Series: Joey Lagono, Joey Coulter, Ross Chastain, Corey LaJoie, Patrick Starpoli, Dalton Zehr, Blake Koch, Aric Almirola, Chris Fountain, and many others that I am missing. Smart move. I hope it brings the future Stars out of Three Palms like it did from FAST Kids.:ernaehrung004: [/SIZE]

That’s great. Only problem i see is that by the time 3 Palms is actually up and running, those kids might be at retirement age.

Gathering information.

[SIZE=“4”]Had another Track call and had some interest in getting FAST Kids Touring Program together. So If you have anyone that has a Driver between the ages of 12 to 16 and has a interest in traveling between a few Tracks. Add to the post or call me at 813-817-RACE (7223). This is just gathering interest.[/SIZE]