Peter Orr entries

A couple of exciting entries are set to run this weekend that are great additions.

Most prominent is Rico Abreu who is the hottest short track racer in America right now. 25 wins last season and last weekends Chili Bowl win over 316 entries puts any driver into the ‘cut above’ territory. This will be his first start in a stock car.

Tyler Dippel is from NY, and is primarily a Dirt Mid racer. At only 15 years old, this kid races anything, anywhere. His run at the Charlotte World Finals turned the heads of a national TV audience. He also nearly got a 2nd place finish in last year’s race at NSS , which wasn’t named the Pete Orr race this time last year. A last lap tangle with Bobby Good sent his crumpled car around to a 4th place finish with his right front tire pointing in the wrong direction.

Dalton Sargent will be running in only his 8th SLM start, but many folks will remember his 7th start… runner-up at the Snowball Derby. He will also return to NSS at the K&N race, as he starts his full season run in that division. He and Rico will be teammates on that circuit racing for H Scott Motorsports.

Spencer Davis is no stranger to turning LOTS of laps here, but appears he is getting the handle on the place, with a win in the PLM car and I believe a 4th in his SLM at the Gov Cup weekend.

Add in all the regular racers at the big NSS events, and you’ve got quite a show coming this weekend.

Where are you getting this information?

3 were from the drivers FB pages, and 1 told to me by Kim Brown.

I went and checked…

From what i saw on twitter - David Garbo jr is there today practicing for the weekend. Car looks very slick. I think Sargent is there today as well.

Didn’t know about Garbo. He brought both a SLM & a K&N car last Speedweeks.

Add Scott Heckert. FB shows him in town already.

I hear Jason Boyd has a car… He had it on his Facebook page last week and was hoping to have it ready in time…

Also heard from Ricky Anderson that his grandpa Dickie may have a go at the 75-lap Modified race with David Debelius standing by to drive relief if needed…

JJ Haley is coming in a car prepared by Gary Crooks
I believe that makes 4 K&N Turner Motorsports drivers racing.

Another young one, jj haley looks to be headed this way as well on twitter.

Richie Wauters has 3 cars there now. Sargent is in one, but haven’t heard back yet on who is driving the other two.

Add Jeff & Tyler Scofield… both in 07 cars, each with new paint schemes. Nice looking cars.

If it rains on saturday…mismthe rain date sunday?

Weather should not be a factor… latest report has overnight rain then clearing by noon… pit gates don’t open until 1 pm…
I was going over today to report on the activities and evening practice but it looks like everything after 3 pm will be a washout so I’m staying home… See everybody tomorrow…

The Scofield cars…