Joey Coulter Pro-Trucks form a competition and idea counsel, members announced !

I am proud to announce the formation of a competition and ideas counsel. The counsel will meet with myself, Joey, Carl Green and Eric Reynolds as we look toward the future and trying to make the trucks successful. I am very happy to announce the first gentleman on the counsel is veteran driver Edward Howell. Edward loves the trucks and we feel his experience in racing can be a great asset to us. Joining him will be Chris Bryson who has has many good ideas over the few years he has raced with us and I feel he brings a thinking out side the box approach to our counsel. The final member of the counsel is a veteran truck series driver with some old school experience as well, Danny Anderson and he again is one who loves the trucks. We will have meetings to consider and plan some future competition and rules ideas that can improve and help the series. These gentleman our here to help us look at ideas for the future, they will also be able to hear maybe some of your ideas and thoughts and bring to the table at our meetings. I hope all see the value in this counsel and the experience these three represent. Thank you to each of them for joining us and we look forward making the Joey Coulter Truck Series something all can be proud of. Welcome