New Smyrna World Series Scanner Frequencies

The scanner frequencies lists for the World Series of Racing at New Smyrna Speedway have been posted and updated. Go to and click on Specials then scroll down to the World Series of Racing link to bring up the lists. Lists will be available at the track beginning on Fri Feb 12th.

[B]Lists at the track will be available in the entry way as you enter the grandstands (that is the plan right now.) In the past there were several lists to pick up however this year the lists have been condensed down to 1 piece of paper. Super & Pro Lates on one side and on the back will be the Tour Mods, IMCA Mods, ACT, and Pro Trucks. The K&N Series will have a separate page assuming a pre-entry list gets posted relatively soon.

If you wish to copy the lists ahead of time here are a couple suggestions. Change the zoom level on your computer monitor to 100%. Then highlight the Super & Pro Late Models part of the list and then right click and then click on Print Picture. Do the same thing with the other lists. Highlight, right click on Print Picture then Print.
Make sure to get a new copy each day since there will be many changes especially after the first day or two.

We are certainly welcome to receiving any new frequencies for drivers on the lists so send them to and they will get added as quickly as possible.

Bring your scanner and headsets and get ready for a ton of good racing.


L McMurray & J Brasel
Great Lakes Racing Frequencies