ARCA race

[B][I]Is the ARCA race available online somewhere?


The race will be rebroadcast 3 times this week on FS2 TV beginning tonight.

Thanks, I’ll watch it.

Hell of a job Fox Sports

I noticed during the ARCA race the guy who finished 26th.Fox never mentioned him though,even though he has NASCAR roots.Bobby Hamilton Jr.This is the first I have seen of him in quite sometime,really since not too long after his dad died of cancer.Nice job Fox for totally blowing it off and giving him no mention at all.

They didn’t mention him because he was dead slow in practice and qualifying and he drove for the worst car owner in the garage. The owner entered 3 cars, all were pathetically slow and the 2 that did get in used provisionals. It’s a shame to have a provisional, that is really meant for guys that run into problems and then put a car in so far off the pace. Even with that and in the race, Donnie Neuenberger quit his car after qualifying because of embarrassment. No disrespect really but there’s no story here for Hamilton…

There were many stories in the garage but this particular production used very limited resources to telecast the race.

But the fact remains he WAS there.It should have at least garnered a mention,even if he started dead last on the field and 40 m.p.h. slower.

The TV broadcasts appear to pick out who they intend to highlight before the event. In the 2009 Rolex 24, we qualified 8th, and we ran inside the top 10 in GT class the whole race, running as high as seventh with a privateer team, eventually finishing 10th. We were never mentioned in the telecast, and only time we were on camera was by accident. Hard for little teams to attract sponsors like that.

[B][I]I was reading an article not long ago mentioning exactly that. Who get named and who is not. Simple. Your car sponsor has to pay the TV broadcaster also to get time exposure. As simple as that.

So, if Zippa auto parts, sponsor you and buy mucho mucho air time during the race coverage, you will be named like crazy, running first, last or anywhere in beteween.

Two good exemples are Jr and Danica.[/I][/B]

The way of the world I suppose,It makes it hard for an underfunded guy to draw any attention,even though he is racing his heart out as much as anyone else.The funny thing is though in this case that the Hamiltons had NASCAR heritage in their background and James Hylton in his last years in ARCA got way more mention and camera exposure even though he was always one of the slowest qualifying cars.It was an injustice and disservice to the viewers to not give Bobby Jr. at least a mention,especially considering he had basically vanished from the racing scene not long after his dads death.

There are 8 million stories in the Naked City…