Joey Coulter Florida Pro-Truck Results & Points of Race #1

Race #1 - New Smyrna Speedway, Feb 14th
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Florida Pro Truck Series Results Race #1

  1. 14 Michael Burns
  2. 59X Becca Monopoli
  3. 50 Danny Anderson
  4. 18 Blake Haddock
  5. 13X J.R. Garcia
  6. 9 Kody Jett
  7. 31 Rodney Haddock
  8. 88 Eddie Lichtenberger Jr.
  9. 32 Dean Butrum
  10. 11 Robert Strader Jr.
  11. 2D David Patterson
  12. 47 Vance Hall
  13. 54 Brian Lynch
  14. 00 Whitney Poole
  15. 4 Mark Evans - DNS
  16. 1 Tyler Lau - DNS
  17. 67 Kelly Ross - DNS
    3 Cautions, Time of race 36 min.
    Lap Leaders - 9 Cody Jett, 59X Becca Monopoli, 14 Michael Burns
    Led Most Laps - 14 Michael Burns
    Led Halfway - 14 Michael Burns
    Top 3 Qualifiers - 14 Michael Burns, 59X Becca Monopoli, 13 J.R. Garcia
    Points after Race #1
  18. 14 Michael Burns 32 (pending membership)
  19. 59X Becca Monopoli 26
  20. 50 Danny Anderson 22
  21. 18 Blake Haddock 21
  22. 13 J.R. Garcia 21
  23. 9 Kody Jett 20
  24. 31 Rodney Haddock 18
  25. 88 Eddie Lichtenberger Jr. 17 (pending membership)
  26. 32 Dean Butrum 16
  27. 11 Robert Strader Jr. 15 (pending membership)
  28. 2D David Patterson 14
  29. 47 Vance Hall 13 (pending membership)
  30. 54 Brian Lynch 12 (pending membership)
  31. 00 Whitney Poole 11 (pending membership)
    Members not at first race
    3 Derek Pugh
    4 Tyler Davis
    13 Taylor Hosford
    37 Michael Goddard
    51 Philip Ellis Jr.
    Everyone must pay full membership by Feb. 28th event at Citrus County Speedway, those pending who have not paid will then fall off the points standings !

Is there a write up on your website, or somewhere? Would like details of the race.

From the night 2 story already posted on here:

The big event of the night was the season-opener for the Joey Coulter Florida
Pro Truck Series. Port Charlotte’s Michael Burns, who won the tune-up race
for the Trucks on night one, set fast time at 20.240 seconds while defending
Truck Series champion Becca Monopoli was second quick at 20.294.
With the top five in qualifying inverted for the green flag, Rodney Haddock
had the pole position with Kody Jett to his outside. Jett grabbed the early
advantage and led the first three laps before Whitney Poole and Eddie
Lichtenberger locked horns sending Poole into the inside wall on the back
stretch. Both were able to continue.
On the restart it was Monopoli moving to the lead bringing Burns with her.
Burns wasted little time in taking over and he made the pass on lap seven.
Burns was pulling away when the second yellow flag of the race came out on lap
31 as Vance Hall spun in turn two. Danny Anderson, who started ninth, moved
to third spot on the restart and began to challenge Monopoli for second just
before Poole and Brian Lynch. Jr. crashed hard on the front stretch. Both
drivers were OK but done for the night.
The rest of the race ran under green flag conditions as Burns simply left the
field in his wake to sweep the weekend. Monopoli came home in second place
ahead of Anderson. Fourth went to Blake Haddock who just held off J. R.
Garcia III at the checker. Completing the top ten were Jett, Rodney Haddock,
Eddie Lichtenberger, Dean Butrum and Robert Strader, Jr.