DD 38 mod on airplane tires

So I herd that dd38 was on 750r tires this weekend .thought he said he had a car cover and was parking it till 53 were back

Come on guys

Ok, come on guys,lets give DD38 a chance to show his hand,why not back off a little. Who knows,he may just start showing up again. Then if you feel like you still need to pick,then go for it. Just give him a fighting chance. GO DD38!!!

orange #38

last Saturday afternoon, I stopped in to watch about 15 min. of practice at new Smyrna speedway, and if dd38 is the orange #38 modified, than yes, it was there. the modified was a tad-bit squirrely in turns 3 and 4, but got better and better, it seemed. bad fast, it was.

Yes I have to admit it was my car. Just wanted to test the waters. Still wanting to find out some times they ran when they were testing the tires back earlier this year.

Well good for you. Can’t throw the modified out with the bathwater…

How did they feel?

How did they feel compared to the '53s?