Attention New Smyrna Modifieds

Big thanks to Joe Jacalone and Jacalone Enterprises Auto Sales for putting up $100 for a hard charger award for this Saturday night! Thanks for your support of short track racing.

Way to go Joe! The guy has more money than he needs LOL…

No, no, not by a longshot! What little extra I have I tend to squander on racing, LOL.

Thanks Joe. I assume no strings attached… lol :ernaehrung004:

That’s what his violin teacher said Jim!

LOL, no Jim, no strings attached, other than when I get down there to race, please wave as you lap me!

Hats off to Joe!

Nevermind paying for entry fees, gasoline, and tires, or paying at a SCCA event just to race, Joe is paying and isn’t racing at all!

Hope you sell a car or two, sir.

Thanks Old School, I love New Smyrna Speedway, and hope they have a great year!