Bobby 5x5 Racing Negatives For Sale

Eddie Roche is looking to sell some of the negatives he inherited from photographer Bobby (5X5) Day… This is some really good stuff from after he moved away from the Miami area… Wish I had the money (and a scanner) to buy them, but that is not feasible at this time (unless someone wants to hire me to scan, organize and archive them - any history buffs out there? LOL)… Again, these are NEGATIVES not photos… you will have to make positive images from them but there are a number of scanners that will do it.

Eddie can be reached at this e-mail: or let me know and I’ll contact him…

Here is what is available - track and year(s):

BRADENTON — 1978 (1st year) thru 1988

EAST BAY — 1987-88 and some '83

OCALA — 1981-84

AUBURNDALE — 1976, 1981-82, 1984-85, 1991

NAPLES — 1977-78, 1980


LAKELAND — Bookoo gobs. Boxes & boxes . . .

INVERNESS (Citrus County) — Some 1981-82, 1985-86