Video - Desoto Speedway Sprint Car Feature Race, 3-21-2015

Video - Desoto Speedway Sprint Car Feature Race, 3-21-2015

Winged Sprint Car feature race at Desoto Speedway in Bradenton, FL on Saturday, March 21, 2015, includes full 40 lap feature race and post-race winning driver interview

Damn, I ran right over the spring at 2:09, but the tire that leaked flat was the right one, not the left.

Nice job Rich!

A left tire leak would have been better LOL

Awesome victory for Sport! And good job on the video Richard!


Just saw the video. The spring thing was bad luck. Re: Left/right tire deflating, maybe that was a “tire equalizing”…(not).

Was kind of surprised that the 31 was not penalized for spinning out the 22, although it wasn’t much of a tap.

Was that field a “TBARA” field that just showed up to a Desoto race & purse?

Overall, how did that deal go, and/or wuz everybody happy (probably excepting the 22)?

Yes it was…TBARA the guys… which in case you didn’t hear, TBARA is on “life support” with out much chance of making it…a pain filled death after many years. It’s spirit will remain for awhile…long live the memories.
BTW, TBARA used to sanctioned dirt races and gee by golly, there was a dirt race at East Bay for sprints that same night…back in the day that conflict would not happen and the tracks knew it…