Sportsman at Three Palms

More cars more payout. Track is in good shape. Still no stands but they are getting a good crowd. Try to support a local track. I don’t have a sportsman but just trying to help out.

Payout is here

I will never understand penalizing the racer because the track didn’t do its job promoting. How is it the racers problem how many cars show up? If I bring my car to race ,then my job is done!

if the so called money that the pit entry fee that is collected is supposed to be used as prize fund payout and when you look at these reported payouts money is being added what is a track supposed to do.

pit fee

do not forget the slab fee. pay to park your car to put on their show. Greed.

No slab fee at Three Palms. First come first serve.

No fee for kids 12 and under in pits either. Must be under adult supervision but it helps the families be together in pits.

There payouts look a little weak that’s why so many Ft Myers-Naples cars bypass them and go to Desoto.

I live in Ft Myers and never hear anything about the place. Atleast give some tickets away on the radio and let people know the place is now open. Get people intrested again! I don’t understand these new owners. I guess that’s how they did it up north so we will wait and see. And they post there results on a northern based website which makes no sense at all. Atleast post events and results on here a Florida based website such as Karnac. There are a lot of cars in this area on jack stands, and if people don’t know your open they won’t come. I drive by the place and go to Desoto myself.

Darren, a track is supposed to do there own promoting, and make there money off concessions and front gate, not off the racer and back gate!!!’

show me where it is on the drivers’ backs. math shows you that if 10 cars race in the sportsman race that the track is paying $1965.00 back to the racers. Don’t know what the pit gate price is but if its $30.00 and each car brings 4 people that is $1200. Heck, lets say its $40.00 to get in, then its $1600 at the back gate. What do you want from the owners so you can play at your so called hobby that you can deduct from your taxes.