won my first race at a-dale, then winter haven speedway in 1967. have supported ever sense. won a lot of races there with drivers Justin o’steen , howard o’steen ,matt morr , david morr and Raymond (SUPER FROG) jones. I quit driving in 1980. I have stood up for a-dale. I can’t go any more for health reasons .I still like to read results, with are no more. signed a 74 year old man that still loves racing. am sure there are others. dave o’steen 41

I don’t mind going to Auburndale in fact I took a couple people with me there last Saturday for the late model 100 lapper.But those decrepid old stands have to go!!! I took a tumble there at the Charity truck race back in December and suffered a slight concussion and a pretty deep cut on my forearm from it.If I were a litigating type of guy I would have sued Rex Guy over it,but Im not.Thankfully while we were there last Saturday Rex announced they were all being replaced (I JUST WONDER IF HE MEANT THIS YEAR)but I will let bygones be bygones and continue to go when they have a race card I want to see.

They have already started replacing the seats now. Rex is taking great strides to fix up the racetrack and make it one of the best in the state.