Dirt Late Models on Asphalt...

For one big race…interest???

They used to do it at the old 1/2 mile at volusia on occasion it was awesome


Where & When ??

I know Ken Kenney did one at Punta Gorda Speedway,a few years ago under The Unites Dirt Latemodel Series. It was cool but they only had like 12-14 cars. Those things are wicked fast on asphalt.

It was one of the BEST DAMN Weekend CCMP EVER HAD!!!

[SIZE=“4”]We ran twice and I thought there were like 20 to 22 cars for the first race and 14 to 16 the second. BUT I will tell that was one of the absolute BEST Race Weekends of the CCMP Story. With over 4000++ FANS in the stands. Those boys with NO radio’s or rear views were also as fast as the Sprint Cars. No yellows for 50 laps three wide and side ways. Nothing but praise for Ken Kenny and his Flying Circus!!! Great race. Second race was at the beginning of the recession in one of the later months of 2008. All the tracks car counts and naturally the crowds had (everyone knows that Car count equals Fan count) started falling off in all the weekly shows (car count equals Fan counts). The action was just as good. Thanks so MUCH Rick for bringing up the memory! Please call me!!! 813-817-7223. Hope to see everyone at Citrus next week for the rebirth of the FASTRUCK Series “NEXT GENERATION” :dry:(sorry just couldn’t help hijacking the tread):anim_buttkick: [/SIZE] :auto003::auto003::auto003:

Lets do it again. I will bring my car.

Hell yeah andi b uY 2 tickets and bring a friend.

[SIZE=“4”]Matt are you for it? Hell YEAH!!! I call Ken Kenny!!![/SIZE]

They run 358 dirt mods on asphalt up here a few times a year and it NEVER disappoints! I think it would be an excellent show anywhere you have it for sure!

I talked to Ken…

[SIZE=“3”][SIZE=“4”]After reading Rick’s post it reminded me of those weekends.:natur008: I called Ken Kenny (he was having birthday party for his daughter so we will talk today).:cool: He still pounding the ground keeping his Dream alive.:huepfen024: He was excited that the FASTRUCK Series was reborn. He was part it the beginning, but his love for getting dirty was just to much.:aktion033: So I can’t wait to shoot the breeze with an old Friend. Man life is to short and not enough time in the day… Stay tuned you never know. Remember the Semi Tractor (bob tail) figure eight race at CCMP. Other crazy race weekend. Memories sure are fun (at lease the good time). HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!:ernaehrung004: [/SIZE][/SIZE]

They also ran at the little Lakeland speedway.

This is a photo of Baer Field Raceway’s (Fort Wayne, In) several time track champion Larry Zent. This machine never raced on dirt, but did race in a couple of “outlaw Super-late” model event for these mid-west machines at Volusia County Speedway in the early 90’s, for Feb. speedweeks events. One was to even been had at Auburndale Speedway at the same time, but was cancelled.

Nascar Nights were held several times at Baer Field, and Dale Earnhardt drove this machine, and drivers such as Rusty Wallace, Dick Trickle, Dale Jarrett, Alan Kuhlwicki, Darrell Waltrip, Bobby Allison, Mark Martin, and Sterling Marlin—would climb inside these local-boys machines, and pilot them to a feature race, in front of standing-room only crowds.

The only time true Dirt-Late models have been around, is a while back on the asphalt at Ocala, and the asphalt in Punta Gorda. I was there for both.

They did the dirt LM deal at Lake City asphalt at least once too, pretty sure it was the Ken Kinney show.

hey I remember that, it was something like the National Late Model Sportsman Challenge Series I think.
I believe Bert Ashleman brought them in there- back in the heyday of Columbia Motorsports Park. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, you’re right I think it was NLMS that’s why my buddy ran it because he was running that series.

And those dirt machines, on those Florida asphalt raceways, were without their roofs on, convertible-style. Quite a sight to see, and great racing all around, it was.

But, in contrast, it still would be nice to see these mid-western asphalt Outlaw Super-Late Models run on these tracks, as well.

They run 358 dirt mods on asphalt up here a few times a year and it NEVER disappoints! I think it would be an excellent show anywhere you have it for sure!

They should bring the BB Mods NSS, this would be THE SHOW of the Speedweek. They’re in town anyway. I garandamntee you, you put 30 NorthEastern Big Block Mod at NSS for a DirtCar series point 50 lapper, you’ll pack the place solid. Mike Perrotte has packed Airborne Speedway weekly for many years with the 358.

The Lake City show was put on by Ray Millers National Late Model series. Bert was the track owner and the race was won by Johnny Collins who was partnered with Patrick Sheltra at the time. I can still see his son Chase playing with hot wheels in the trailer. Chase is now running an e-mod at Golden Isles and North Florida Speedway and seems to be a chip off the old block.

Look at the top six in the back ground, Im not sure on all the numbers.
#5 Larry Zent
#72 John Mason?
#51 Jeff Purvis?

My guesses on the leader board are the 8 car of Greg Parr, and the 51 would be Craig Leist in a true dirt car he he ran at East Bay the previous weekend. Saw him run the same car at both tracks

I second Bobby

I was there watching the late models on asphalt at CCMP. they did put on a show. I was impressed by the side by side driving without touching…

I say we try something different lets see how many mods would go run dirt one night…Maybe someone could set something up to have a dirt vrs asphalt challenge. I’m just throwing it out there cuz I would do it.