FASTRUCK need your help in locating these Drivers....

[B][I][SIZE=“4”]The hardest thing about what all we have going on is getting the word out to those Drivers and owners with Trucks. If you know or have their contact information please have them call or you call so we can contact them:

Vance Hall

Jay Zolciak
Raymond Folwell
Bobby Spaeth
Spencer Taylor
Richard Griffis
Donatello Speed

Richie Shepard
Eddie Hartin (new)
Jimmy Casselberry (new)
Robert St. John (new)
Broson Lawson

Todd Bontrager
Or any other Racers with Trucks.
Thanks for your help. Call 813-817-7223. It’s so GREAT tobe ALIVE and looking forward to the FUTURE!!! [/SIZE][/I][/B]

Jason Miller. 239-849-3055. His truck needs a clip. It’s been sitting. I believe Mica Williams does not have a truck. It’s Jeff Firestiens truck now.

Thanks Crystal!!!

[SIZE=“4”]Jason got all the parts and will be getting it back together. Thanks and if you get more please post or call me…[/SIZE]