Made a challenge that Sonsorship is on the line at Show Time for the FASTRUCKs.

[SIZE=“4”]Yesterday I spoke to a potential support sponsor of the Series. I have had over twenty six drivers that have said they are coming (I feel that there others that I haven’t reached). He said he would be happy as heck with 15+. We are all working very hard to get Series back on track. The rules that we inherited aren’t broken they just need to be cleaned up. Many dispute themselves within the rules themselves. The Teams are on the Facebook site and sending their concerns and suggestion. We know that 2015 is a rebuilding year. Are goal is to help support the Tracks. The back gate is one way (twenty plus trucks would be good solid revenue stream), but the Grand Stands is our true TARGET. We work had on getting the word out to the persons who may live in the area and not even know there’s a Race Track close. The EMPTY SEAT is our focus. This weekend is pivotal in our quest for truck count. Then getting live displays going will be next. We will be at Quaker Steak & Lube Wednesday. Can’t wait to get new Fans to the Track!!! [/SIZE]