[B][I][SIZE=“4”]The FASTRUCK NEXT GENERATION (FTNG) started out by jumping in and trying to keep the Pro Truck Series (Joey Coulter Series JCS) going for those who where part of this years program. Now that we have two races under our belt we feel it’s time to have a fresh restart for the 2015 FTNG Points Championship and putting our best foot forward. The JCS Series was not broken. The engine rules needed to be addressed and rewritten (there are lots of counter dictions within themselves). Also not wanting to just keep going, but rather look at getting some of the issues that need to be addressed as well.

The Teams that were vested in the JCS had their own Families and Businesses schedules based around the Series schedule. Not wanting to add dates or change dates that would make the Teams miss races because of conflicts of prior scheduling. We are going to follow the JCS race schedule (starting June 6th)
Issues and concepts that are targeted:

  1. New 2015 FASTRUCK NEXT GENERATION Rule Package.
  2. Schedule of Tracks and Race dates.
  3. Memberships and Series Truck numbers (JCS # take president).
  4. Tech polices and procedures.
  5. Protocol.
  6. Team Sponsorship Packages.

Starting on June 6th at Desoto Speedway the FASTRUCK NEXT GENERATION will Challenge the Desoto “Q Auto & Injury Attorneys” Pro Trucks Division. And lets see if the Pro Touring Trucks compete with the Track Pro’s to see who’s the “BEST”. This will mark the “START” of the FTNG 2015 Points Championship. The rest of the 2015 the dates will stay the same with the Tracks possibly being realigned.

This weekend May 16th coming up at Desoto Speedway has their Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Pro Truck Division Event. We want everyone in the FTNG Series to support all the local programs when ever it’s possible. This weekend we will be at Desoto supporting Q’s program with a Live Pre Race Shows to help get the word out and put butt’s in their seats. The locations are being secured and will be announced ASAP. We will have the #28 Michael Laplant’s FTGN on display at the Live Shows, but also on race night it will be in the Kids Zone for pictures and have the kids get a chance to get an up close look at one of the Trucks.
If you have any question please call me at 813-817-7223. Thanks!!!