Speedway Consultants is Gone...

Finally got the right guy on the job and through the course of the day the problem is fixed. It was not a virus but a simple bit of code that was hidden away.

Thanks Rick :slight_smile:

Thanks Donnie and Phil! :ernaehrung004:

…And thank you too, Rick!:o

Donnie is the man!!!

Thank you(all) very much.

Credit where credit due, I really didn’t have anything to do with this. Donnie sought out Rick to help fix this on his own… He was getting sick of all the popups while trying to read all the OSW bashing posts… :blink:

But, but, but I thought Donnie only cared about the Drifters???:smilie_abcfra:

A good field of sportsman at that place running for about $2k to win would be a good show.

Mods also, but the New-Smyrna-Cars are few and set up for New Smyrna, and the West Coast Cars…generally stay over there.

But, it is neither here nor there…thx to Donnie both for his assistance with the pop up issue and his ongoing efforts at OSW.

hooray I WAS STARTING TO HAVE DREAMS.oh wait maybe that was about something else.

One problem corrected. Good job. Now, is it possible to get “right clicking” to work on the site? I like to open links in different tabs, rather than going back and forth. Also, spell check doesn’t work with it disable. It highlights my misspelled words, but then I actually have to try to figure out how to spell them correctly. LOL It’s all no big deal and if there’s a reason it’s set up like that, I can live with it. Just not sure if it was inadvertent.