Sorry for the confusion....

[SIZE=“6”]Sorry for the confusion, but the 2015 Rule package is a Rough Draft. Please print it out take a highlighter and any question or changes will be addressed Saturday during the break between practice and gates open. About 2:45 at the registration table. For instance the weight for the manuals will added back into the rules if that’s what the Teams want. The Final 2015 Package will come from the meeting. [/SIZE]:ernaehrung004:

If you would like about 20 pages of negative print, post a copy of the rough draft here! :waffen093:

Seriously, good luck with your meeting, may everyone leave…happy!


[SIZE=“4”]OldSchool I send everyone I talk to and at the Races we have KARNAC in our evening announcements. So having them on here makes perfect scents. The Series is driven by the Teams and their impute. I try to drive everyone here TO NUMBER ONE Media location. Thanks for being part of it.[/SIZE]

Bobby, you know I joke around sometimes, but my heart is generally in the right place for everyone involved.

Whatever input I provide along the way is genuinely intended to be a help.

No problem…

[SIZE=“4”]No problem. Everybody loves to have a little fun. Can’t wait to see at the Track.[/SIZE]:ernaehrung004: