New Smyrna Speedway Results

JUNE 6 2015


  1. #17 Brad Blanton
  2. #8 Jamie Dixson
  3. #31 David Russell
  4. #35 Bobby Dooley
  5. #71 Ted Vulpius
  6. #6 Mark Broat


  1. #71 Ted Vulpius
  2. #17 Brad Blanton
  3. #8 Jamie Dixson
  4. #31 David Russell
  5. #35 Bobby Dooley
  6. #6 Mark Broat DNS


  1. #43 Butch Herdegen
  2. #20 Justin Reynolds
  3. #6 Preston Hunt
  4. #3 Jeff Colburn
  5. #23 Shannon Kelly
  6. #31 JT Tippins
  7. #35 Gino Tumminello
  8. #77 Zack Curtis
  9. #56 Bobby Holley
  10. #51 Joe Gerard III
  11. #21d Mike Dahm
  12. #18 Ronnie Hadden
  13. #63 Dale Howard
  14. #21x George Dshm


  1. #9 Brad May
  2. #00 Anthony Cataldi
  3. #18 Zack Jarrell
  4. #80 Rich Clouser
  5. #4B Alan Bruns
  6. #00x Clayton Castetter
  7. #17 Blaise Hetznecker
  8. #30 Noah Cornman
  9. #41 Jeffery White
  10. #61 Gordon Vipond
  11. #59 Chris Brannon
  12. #95 Aaron Rader


  1. #54 William Barrington
  2. #8x Greg Bruce
  3. #3x Shane Sutorus
  4. #12 Zack Curtis
  5. #58 James Skinner
  6. #03 Aaron Overman
  7. #55 Richard Roark
  8. #54x Matthew Bonner
  9. #180 Richard Tyner

Don’t you think it’s about time to start adding weight or at least have a minimum weight for the Bomber class. Those little 4 cylinders have almost the same horsepower as a factory 305 Monte carlo and weigh 1000 lbs less. We all know that they are sending the ECU off and the tech guy can’t or won’t do anything. I would think it would be good for the fans and spirit off competition.

If those montes are unhappy, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them switch to dirt. I never heard of fwd running with v8s before (I’m from the panhandle)

I think its about time people quit racing a heavy 30 or 40 year old POS then complain that they are getting beat.

See, some folks like the big old boxes. And regardless, why should they have a serious weight disadvantage for similar low buck power?

I like the class. There is a little back-and-forth between folks that like each type of car by default–which makes it interesting for the fans.

The current car count is not bad, and splitting them up would be two classes with a few cars each, so that is not so good.

Seems like any time essentially two different types of cars are run together things need to be tweaked initially to achieve parity, and adjusted periodically to maintain it.

From “TUDOR”, sanctioning body for sports cars, on down.

Why are they even running big bodied V8 cars with little 4cyls anyway? This makes zero sense both in competition and safety :dry: V6 and 4cyls I can see, but even in demo derbies, there is a reason they separate the big heavy V8 cars from the little 4cyl cars… This is the only time I would ever be an advocate for splitting up a division into two. Unfortunately there aren’t enough cars to do two so it is what it is I guess.

[QUOTE=Phil Jacques;160677]Why are they even running big bodied V8 cars with little 4cyls anyway? This makes zero sense both in competition and safety

[SIZE=“4”]And yet they cant run NOVAS AND CAMAROS[/SIZE]


NSS doesn’t care that these cars should not being running together they get their pit gate money. these cars are so mixed matched it not even a race the guys with the little cars winning every week won nothing . how can you be happy about beating cars that are a lot heavier. the little cars suck Id rather watch a big 30,40 year car any day then to watch a little pos car that sounds like a bee farting around the track . that’s why the other classes have rules and weight limit’s for cars. make all the cars have to be the same weight then let see what happens. this is why I am glad they run them last that why I can leave and go home. kendo your right makes no sense about nova’s and Camaros not being able to run them .