This is NASCAR's 1st Road Course Who and WHY????

[SIZE=“4”]This is NASCAR’s 1st Road Course Who and WHY? I love the Road Courses in the Series. Who’s your pick??? And Why would they Win???
My pick is Jeff Gordon. He’s been strong this year and he’s one of the best Road Course pilots. Who’s yours??? [/SIZE]


Jeff Gordon is a good pick.

Sam Hornish is a road course guy, but like many open wheel guys, has not clicked as yet in Cup.

Boris Said is in the field, but doesn’t run often enough to get comfortable and is in an “independent” type ride, I believe.

Tony has shown brilliance in the past. Will it return this weekend? I am not betting on it.

Larson is fantastic, but not on road courses. Yet.

Which leaves the usual, Busch bros, Happy, and if the front clip is attached to the 48, you can’t count him out.

But I will also go with Gordon. He is good on road courses, it is his farewell tour, and he hasn’t won yet. Could Rick have gotten “the call”…?

Unlike years ago, when there were few Cup drivers who had any road racing skills, today’s top drivers most all possess the necessary tools to be competitive on all circuits. Drivers are in much better physical shape to be able to keep up on the twisty circuits, which drain you to exhaustion. My friend Scott Lagasse finished in the top fifteen in Cup event in 1993 and almost pulled off a Busch series win at the Glen in 1994 in a third tier car. That won’t happen nowadays. That is why road course ringers are mostly a thing of the past. My point is, anyone in the top 30 could pull it off. I am picking Rowdy!

Actually, he needs to be in the 2015 LeMans winning Porsche to complete his look. Or vice versa, am not sure which.

He can drive though, and seems to have lost nothing after his serious accident early this year.

One thing, Jeff Gordon has not been strong this year. This is the week that all changes!

Don’t count out Jamie Mac.He has ran pretty well all year and sharpened up on his road racing skills at Daytona during speedweeks.

You are right about Jamie, he is as good a road racer as there is. He doesn’t give up a thing to the best in the sporty car biz. I just think his equipment will hinder him.

Man, am I good, or what?

Okay, we begrudgingly agree.

Fortunately, he ran Ryan Newman & Austin Dillon clean and Richard Childress did not “congratulate” him in victory lane.