Outlaw 4/Mod Mini 2.3 Ford Parts

1)Complete set used Esslinger 2pc Rocker Arms and set used mouse traps
little to no wear on pads…$100
2)6-7 used 2pc Esslinger Rockers with little wear $8 each, buy 1 or all
3)2 Esslinger square teeth Cam degree wheels. Both have some wear on
teeth but still work fine…$25 each
4) Left and Right Pinto spindles $50 for set
5)2 trans 214 second gear ,no shifter OR bellhousing…$75 each
6)2.3 Canton style racing front sump oil panno pickup tube*…$75.00
7)2 stock Mustang 2.3 rear sump oil pans…$5 each
8)4 Esslinger EFI carb adapters 7/8",1",11/2",2"…$45 each
9)10 intakes, carb and EFI…stock…$15 each
10)Esslinger big tube header,1 runner has been cracked and wielded…$25
11)3 30 over 5.7 Manley rods w/race eng pistons,2" chevy small end…
$50 each or $125 for all 3.
12)3 30 over 5.83 manley rods with race eng pistons,2" chevy small end…
$50 each or $125 for all 3.
13)Ford motorsports alum valve cover…$15
14)Set used ARP head stud kit…$50
15)Set main strap kit without bolts…$25
16)Eastbay legal flywheel w/bolt pattern for 71/2"clutch or big clutch…$50
17)Like new crane 510lift 300 dur. solid cam shaft…$75
18)Like new bullet 535 lift solid cam…$75
19)Esslinger bullet ax. shaft
*needs dist.gear replaced…$35
20)Race Eng alum ax. shaft gear…$35
21)Like new 293 8"ring-n- pinion set…$50
22)Complete 8"chunk w/340 gear, been setting bearings rough…$50
23)2 8"rear housings,1 w/spring pads, 1 pads cut off…$20 each
24)Esslinger power alum crank pulleys 1 and 2 groove…$20 each
25)Used Esslinger high torque starter new $239,will take $50
Lots of small parts
Sold car now time to clean shop. Will send pics on request…

Hey Arnie its Bubba text me if you can 813-775-8795

Can you please send me your contact info. I am interested in a majority of your parts, if not all. Thanks! todd_franz@hotmail.com

Sale Pending…

Everything gone. Thanks Karnac and Thanks Todd…