Lakeland Racetrack--

Lakeland Speedway/Racetrack—April 2nd, 1977—

Was the Florida Sunfest, with 90,000 fans on the grounds. The largest crowd for any activity in Florida history, was held on the now defunct grounds of Lakeland USA Speedway.

Atlanta Rythem Section, Jimmy Buffett, Canned Heat, Melanie, Pure Prairie League, Leon Redbone, Earl Scruggs Review, just to name a few. Many more bands were there.

Were any of you there? I wasn’t, but I’m sure someone reading this was at that time.

90,000 thousand people in 1977 at a Racetrack— Lakeland Racetrack was the venue, and music was the reason.

The Allman Brothers played at Miami-Hollywood in 1972… Not the same original band I saw play for FREE at Piedmont Park in Atlanta in 1970 as Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle crash in late 1971 and Berry Oakley also died from injuries received in a motorcycle crash just before this concert took place… I actually met Duane when I was in Atlanta during an impromptu jam session at a friend’s studio when he just showed up and wanted to “mess around”… was pretty neat to say the least…

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To cool, AncrDave— were you there at these old racetracks? And hear the old lost Bands? That would be great! If so, do tell. We’re all ears.

Finally, a thread, that OldSchool didn’t pounce upon, God love him.