Hobby Stock Question

I’ve been thinking hard about building a Hobby Stock dirt car, what chassis would you dirt guys suggest to start with, a G body metric chassis or a camaro, or any other car I’m not thinking of at this point. I appreciate the help.
Many more questions to follow this one. I want to build one from scratch.

Patrick Thomas 25

The metric chassis is more forgiving on setup and is easier to tweak. Camaro chassis is fast when you get the front to rear weight ratios right.

metric car,build front with chrome moly,keep it light so you can get rear weight.move drivers set back as far as possible for rear weight,put half inch lead in rearend, right side back or left side forward half inch,remember fast cars are light so you can move weight were you want.put good brakes on car and safety first,no large fuel cells 12gal big enough,remember more gas you run the bigger bomb you have behind you.use lead instead of big gas tank.always run car the same full of fuel to keep persentages the same with the same stagger as you weighed the car.dont need right front shutoff use brake bias front to rear instead.