Sportsman Bounty NSS 8/8/15

The American Auto Bounty on Patrick Thomas is $400. Anyone who beats Patrick and wins the sportsman race this Saturday night will get a BONUS of $400 cash!
Pre Race party starts at 6 PM with live music and $1 beers. There will be a bounce house for the kids.
Racing starts at 7:30 with Super Late Models, Sportsman, Modifieds, and Bombers.
Bring a back pack to donate to local school children and receive $5 off general admission.

Best of luck to Patrick Thomas, aka “The Bandit”.

I seem to be the only one referring to him as that, but it appears I ain’t burnt out on it yet!

Another good thing about the 750 tires–less hydroplaning!

I still think Patrick should earn something extra for himself if he does win again.

For example, if the bounty is $400 to beat him, he should get $300 if nobody does.

Not fair to paint a bullseye on his car, with no incentive to him if he DOES dodge all the bullets to bring home another checkered


I suggested a percentage that increases as the bounty does, but, of course, it is all New Smyrna’s call.

Then it would be called a bonus, not a bounty…

“booty!” :cool008:

Or after so many events - he gets $$ if it goes uncollected.

Don’t you have to actually beat him legit though? Like you can’t just wreck him so he doesn’t finish. You have to beat him and have him running I thought.


Correct, and the racers are reminded each week in the Driver’s Meeting.

Generally, for as sideways as those cars are, there is clean driving.

It needs to be said, but I do not see it as an issue.

Now that I think about it, there was no similar directive for Mr. Thomas…hmmmmmmm.

Phil said " well duh ! "