How was the racing at All Tech last Saturday night?

Although I really wanted to, I wasn’t able to make it to the All Tech opening last Saturday night. Anyone go who can share how things went? Good car count?

Let’s see…

Packed with people. Took a long time to get track prepped. Hard to get something to eat. Intermission WAY too long. Track got really rutted up. Announcer didn’t seem to know the racer’s names but it’s all understandable for opening night.

Great racing for the most part. Whitener struggled in his heat race with a real bad push. Did two practice laps at intermission and worked on it some more. Came out in the feature and passed everyone like they were tied to a tree. He was FLYING!

Nevin Gainey and Jason Garver had an awesome race in the e-mod class! Impressed the crap out of me that they didn’t wreck.

Good races in the other classes too.

Cars were bouncing all over the place but, man is this track fast!! Scary fast to me! :slight_smile:

Congrats to Wendell and his staff for their hard work and friendly attitudes!

Even though I complained, they did a great job considering it was opening night. I expect they’ll make adjustments and improve as they go.

Good luck!!

Oh yeah, I for one, loved the Jimi Hendrix version of The Star Spangled Banner but I’m probably in the minority. HAHA!

Thanks much for the info. Are they planning on running weekly?

Whitner in the 58 had a LF brake hanging up. Pitted next to us in the 59 Perkins car. Augie and the crew were all over it. 5 inches of rain Friday night did a lot to the clay. 3 weeks ago during practice it was dusty and blackened up after the first LM practice. They graded it twice Saturday night after practice and heats, but the clay was wet deep down. Concessions were overloaded for sure, will probably get better though. Need more grandstands in the pit area. Standing behind the turn one wall gave a great view of the track, but no catch fence there… RVs in the woods along the back stretch had the best view. Going to be a great track with a few bugs worked out. Loved it as asphalt and won my last e mod race there last November. Gonna’ miss it…

Jake Perkins running dirt late model? Is that going to be a new path for him?

Jake has been running a Dirt Late Model all season & follows the UDLMCS series all year & has shown great improvement each time out.

All teq hassled the races for this week. The track is to rough is what I heard.
Its going to take some time before hey get it worked out.
Starting late and going over the curfew has to be fixed the next time .
wish them luck . It could be a great dirt track…