Question for Modified Mini Stock Drivers/Owners


Out of curiosity, years ago the Florida Mini Stock Challenge Series was functional and seemed to help streamline the rules we now have in place at many tracks in Florida. My question is…have the drivers/owners considered re-organizing another series for the modified mini’s or do you feel that it would not be beneficial. Thanks for your feedback!

Todd Franz

Mod Mini

Well I for one being an owner and driver would love to see a traveling series for the mod mini’s. It wasn’t that long ago they traveled to Bristol. I would love to re-open that possibility. There are a lot of mod mini’s in the state and I think like the Truck series that has grown so would the mod mini’s if it was run properly with a good set of rules to go by.


I agree. I have a strong feeling about the mod minis position to do this. It is very popular in central and southwest Florida. I believe the possibility exists to get a good regional tour started in that area. I have been doing research on this and believe it would do very well for both drivers and promoters.

Thanks for the feedback Lucky6!

Mod Mini’s

No Problem. Been driving them now for a few years and had a lot of fun. From New Smyrna to Desoto, Showtime, Citrus and Auburndale there are around 40 to 50 different cars, some racing some not but there out there. If sometime was done to bring them back out I believe it could happen.

Im confident it could…ive ran classes from late model to hobby stock, dirt and asphalt…i am looking forward to the mod minis…id like to get feedback from more drivers/owners and try to get something rolling. I am willing to put in the effort of meeting all those interested and getting input on what everyone would like out of a regional tour.

Anybody else have any input??

Ok gang, nearly 400 views and one response? Cmon drivers/owners…if you are content with the same ol same ol week to week stuff i guess that why no association has been formed in over 7 years…that’s why divisions go defunct and drivers owners are left sitting on a huge investment and nowhere to run when tracks start cancelling or combining divisions…lets get some positive feedback here…

mod mini replys

okay heres ya another,yes I would love to see something get going as to races and tracks running,i live just outside of Dothan Alabama,have a mod mini try to run kmsa series when possible,love to have something come to florida…especialy a series ,there are 5 tacks within a 100 miles and no minis at all…as well as lake city ,im 175 from them,love the little cars,but im also about to give up on decent racing and go back to mods or street stocks,i don’t mind travel,just like to have a good field and half decent purse,make it a big to do,like late models and tucks,maybe 2 day ace at 2 tracks,people up here are looking for something new,in a bad way,they have gown tired of the same ole,and theres not a lot of that,just my say,big d td motorsports:auto003:

Might be time to get a sportsman


that’s true there cake,thought about it,maybe street stock,but got so much money in this ca,fresh esslinger motor cost a ton,was wantin to see wht it would do,but im always open to offers,

traveling series

im all for a traveling series for the mod minis. would need to have a good purse and somehow make the engine rules so that they are cheaper to build instead of these 7500.00 johnson motors. also run a harder tire that lasts longer than two races on the bigger tracks.

I’ve never seen a mod mini (grew up in the panhandle, now in Atlanta). Is it a 4 cyl modified? 4 cyl late model? Or some sort of 2.3 mustang?

We have a race this weekend at Desoto and you know I love Touring Series. Lets have a

[SIZE=“4”]We have the Mod Mini race this weekend at Desoto and you know I love Touring Series. Lets have a meeting. Bring your rules and ideas on how you would like the Series to be run. If you would like to talk first call me 813-817-7223. Thanks and hope to get thing STARTED!!!
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]


Bobby, thanks! I will give you a call about this. I would like to make something happen for this division.

Bowlegs…Yes, they are essentially 4-cyl late models.

TZRACER…I totally agree. Ive ran late models and modifieds. These cars are very expensive when it come to the motor. That’s why I’m trying to get feed back from other drivers on this…I would like to see about changing the engines to something affordable and make durability a priority. Need feedback though.

Thanks RocketD! I would love to put something together affordable. I feel car count and appearance of cars are paramount. It’s the cost of the engines driving the fields to be smaller and smaller. They are more expensive to build than the crate engines used in other divisions.

There is an inexpensive fix to this cool class. I didn’t want to bash mod-minis, after all I spent a lot of seasons in them. Although the chassis and bodies are really cool, the engines are too old and too expensive. If anyone is looking ahead and running something other than a 2300 Ford, then this is not directed at you. However, a large percentage of this class still uses these increasingly rare, high compression, short lived engines. I know for a fact that the weekly engine costs for my mod minis are much higher than for my V8 sprinter (although the initial cost of a sprint engine is higher).

How about this: junkyards everywhere are choked with high powered, readily available and inexpensive V6 engines. Open the class to use them. Sure, the devil is in the details, but anything is better than a shrinking group of cars that all sound the same.

Boneman…I ABSOLUTELY love the idea of the V-6!! It is very do able…I have been researching the V6 option with utilizing a different carb being on 13x8 wheels…exactly as you point out, its all in the details! Thank you!